The Main Characteristics of Sand Washing Machine

At present, the commonly used sand washing machine can be divided into drums mixed type sand washing plant, spiral push sand washing plant, bucket wheel shovel, sand washing plant, vibration cleaning, sand washing plant. Spiral push sand washing machine is installed in a half circle to promote the export of Bath stone with shaft with spiral grooves. This sand washing plant is mainly used for the primary cleaning materials in the field of stone. Shovel, sand washing plant is equipped with a box piece of a circular rotating bucket wheel stone shovels in the tank. The sand washing machine is mainly used to clean machinery and equipment of the original stone. At the same time, the project”s quality requirements, must meet the stone concrete mixing station an adequate supply of productivity. Sand washing machine, the process is generally as follows: raw materials storage, transport, cleaning, product delivery and sewage precipitation reuse.

This sand washing plant is mainly used for the mineral processing industry. Vibration cleaning, sand washing machine installation and additional shaker wash line. Sand washing plant water in the tank should be round discharged in a timely manner. Otherwise, the degree of pollution in the tank water is more concentrated, so that the stone pollution. Sand production and sales of washing machines is the main drum, sand washing machine, spiral sand washing plant and bucket wheel, sand washing plant. Bucket wheel wash sand bucket wheel base, gear and other infrastructure to support the bucket wheel and gear systems, and the formation of sand washing tank composition. As a professional and the best mining machinery manufacturer in China, Hongxing Machinery is always ready to provide the superior crushing and grinding machines with the best quality and the most competitive price such as cement mill, calcining kiln.

Gear was taken away by the bucket wheel clean up the sand. Bucket wheel, sand washing machine is widely used in a variety of hard to wash large pieces of ore. This sand washing plant is divided into cylindrical and cylinder-screen bar. The latter can make the material washed into the 40 mm-40mm. The-40mm material can be divided into 2 mm-2MM double helis groove, sand washing machine scrubbing. Washing efficiency can be as high as about 98%. This combination is hard to wash the ore is the most effective way.

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