Impact Crushers Are Widely Used in Sand and Stone Production Line

Stone production line, the first step by Vibrating Feeder supply to Jaw Crusher, then immediately is impact crusher, here jaw crusher is playing the role that broken into large materials after impact crusher, meet customer needs 20-60 between particles, using high speed rotating rotor plate hammer, the crushing cavity of into the materials in the produce high-speed impact breakage, and make already broken material along the tangent direction in high into the crushing cavity on the other end of the counterattack board, again being broken, and then to rally from counterattack plate, plate hammer continue repeating the process.

Whether in Sand Making Production Line or Stone Production Line, our aim is to ensure that the impact crusher and jaw crusher can normal operating, in order to extend the Crusher life, it is not less process that we should do periodic maintenance to impact crusher in use. Our factory has already made a long idling to various crushers before delivery, in order to reduce fault appear in application process in the future, our customer in new machinery production operation, the worker must do comprehensive examination to impact crusher after production operation, each component tightening, belt transmission is normal, knowing lining board wear, having a cyclical and regular examination.

At the same time, in buying impact crusher, we should know what is wearing part, because in broken processlarge material will wear liner, fight back plate, during changing process must follow the principles, first open shelves, removing the attachment bolts from shelf and middle box, then unloaded with wrench twist to flip device hex head parts and then slowly open shelves. In the meaning time, you can use frame above hanging device hanging back frame. Repeat the above process, namely close put on the shelf. Counterattack broken plate hammer wear to certain degree should be timely adjust or change, in order to avoid fasteners with other parts of the damage, causing a greater loss.

Jaw crusher and impact crusher have played an important role in the breakage in stone production line. Before problem appears, you should do detailed check, must not carelessness, lest penny wise and pound foolish, causing can not work normally running.

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