The Reforming of Grinding Ball Is Very Necessary

With the requirement of energy saving and environmental production becomes more and more strict, the extensive production mode of original ball mill is not suitable for the high precision production need of present stage. Therefore, to achieve double bin classified grinding is necessary in the reforming of a ball mill.In the past practice of grinding technology, in the equipment making, people often only consider whether the basic working state o the equipment can meet the standard and output problem.

Then, how does this kind of ball mill achieve energy saving? From the view of the discharge and the feeding of raw materials, raw materials does not directly enter the inside medium of cylinder through the hollow shaft neck of double chamber ball mill, so the ball mill will not begin the selecting work until the cylinder rotates at a speed around a horizontal axis.

The separation effects are mainly reflected in that bulk material fall into crushing chamber while smaller pieces of material fall into the grinding chamber through the conveying device. In this way, when their own gravity is larger than the centrifugal force, the materials will be disengaged from the inner wall of cylinder. By the further optimizing the feedback device of the ball mill grinding chamber we can see that we can easily capture the necessary feedback information through the feedback device without further transformation of the situation, which play a supplementary role in the separating warehouse of the ball mill.

After the separating warehouse, the ball mill can be saving ball mills consumable, such as steel ball and lining board consumption.In addition, after the classified chamber the ball mill can play two different effect, one is crushing, the other is the grinding effect. It uses the inertial force of large equipment for crushing, which is the unique property of the classified chamber ball mill.Comprehensive comparison, the classified chamber type ball mill can save power consumption than traditional ball mill about 40%-50%. Through the power distribution circuit of supercharging effect, the start consumption decrease 3-5 minutes than beforce. While the entire production and the grinding efficiency increased 35%-45%.

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