What Are the Overload Protection Devices of Jaw Crusher?

Jaw crusher is one kind crushing machine for various hardness and different materials. In the crushing process, the crusher may encounter some too large materials and result in overload, which has damage to the crusher. So the crusher needs good overload protection device and capable of processing larges materials mixed within the broken cavity, and make crusher normal. Today, Hongxing would like to introduce three kinds overload protection devices for your reference.

Firstly, flywheel limited torque method. It Uses spring friction clutch, hydraulic friction clutch, or set the safety pin, etc. This method is more applied in Jane pendulum jaw crusher.

Secondly, toggle plate break method. This method is a traditional overload protection method. When the crusher has the overload phenomenon, the toggle plate sensitive region stress has sharply risen to the limit, so as to cut off the power, to prevent damage to the crusher. Broken bracket method cannot realize accurate control of folded breakpoint, cannot achieve overload protection in the actual production, and has great influence to production.

Thirdly,hydraulic protection. After the big materials into the crushing cavity, the hydraulic cylinder piston of hydraulic protection system retract back to relarge the row ore mouth, makes the high strength material eventually from row ore mouth eduction. When high strength material automatic drain off on its own weight, the hydraulic control system rapid move,and supply oil to the hydraulic cylinder right cavity, made piston moves left to limit position, the breaker is back to normal work. compared with the former two methods, This method does not need to deal with the downtime, and shorten reaction time, accurate and reliable, high efficiency, has very obvious advantage.

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