Winter Is the Best Seasons for River Pebble Exploitation

River pebbles are the most appropriate raw materials for sand making. The granularity of river pebbles after being crushed is commonly below 5 mm. Because of the long-term erosion by river bed, the dust and impurity are little in the sand.

Pebble mining not only solves the problem of lack of natural sand but also plays a role in channel cleaning. Pebbles are the commonly used local material needing no long distance transportation, which brings a lot of convenience to making economic benefits from sand production. Since river pebbles can bring so many benefits, the action of exploitation should be taken urgently.

The optimal time for sand making from river pebbles is before the fall of autumn. The preparation work should be started in the early fall and the mining formalities have to be handled, sand making equipment bought and site planned. Since autumn and winter are no rainy seasons. In addition, with the decrease of water amount, the river bed will grow dry. Therefore, safe operation can be done. The sand can sell well in the spring. That”s the reason why autumn and winter are the best investment time.

After getting a brief knowledge about the benefits and best investment time, you will be exposed to the process flow of sand production line and the equipment needed.

The process flow is as follows: pebble – bin – feeder – jaw crusher – belt conveyor-sand maker-belt conveyer-vibrating screen, belt conveyor-sand washer- belt conveyor-dryer-finished product.

Hongxing is a professional sand maker supplier at home. The complete set of equipment for deep processing includes:jaw crusher, impact crusher, and the third generation sand maker, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, bucket sand washer, sand drying machine and other equipment.

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