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Season after the Heat because of injuries, rebounding, and many other factors, the team record can only be called quite satisfactory, you can not see the slightest defending shadow. Western road trip at the beginning of the season,, they lost to the Grizzlies, all implied negative Clippers, Heat defending hopeless. With the All-Star Game after Dwyane high-profile return no solution James Wong,Coach Outlet, coupled with Ray Allen, Shane Battier (microblogging) critical moment conveying remote firepower, easily the Celtics, the Rockets winning streak stepped on the foot of the House to take 27-game winning streak, the ranking American professional sports winning streak standings. At this moment the champion already waving to them.

In NBA history, after a single season to get through the 18-game winning streak over the team a total of eight Knicks in 1969, in 1982, the Celtics and the Bulls in 1996, they have made the 18-game winning streak, and have won the championship that season. Look at the 2008 Celtics and the Lakers in 2000, they achieved a 19-game winning streak that season, but the Celtics eliminated the Magic in the second round of the playoffs, the Lakers team returned successfully captured championship. Made 20 straight in the 1970-71 season, the Bucks, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and “O”,Coach Factory Outlet; – Oscar Robertson led the successful win. And in 2008 the Rockets’ 22-game winning streak, the first round of the playoffs that has been eliminated from the Jazz.

However, even if the 27 game winning streak end in view, according to the laws of history, Miami championship probability remains high. Trace the history of the NBA, made longer than the Miami game winning streak in the 1971-72 Lakers team, teams which legend has Gard – Goodrich, Jerry – Jerry West, Wilt – Wilt Chamberlain eventually they won the championship,Coach Factory Store. Perhaps view from the luxury of the lineup, this Heat team can not be compared and that support the Lakers. Throughout the history of the NBA, the probability of a winning streak to win: the single-season and 18-game winning streak = 75% probability of winning.

This calculation, in NBA history, after eight had made a team of more than 18 consecutive victories, six teams have won the championship, which means that the probability of winning 75%. Made a team of more than 20 game winning streak, win probability was 66.7%; said the 27-game winning streak the team,Coach Handbags, then the probability of winning is 100%.

The other hand, western Although despots everywhere, more Mavericks, Jazz, Lakers eighth of long bickered, Clippers, Thunder, Spurs took turns west summit, but also hinted that they will be more in the playoffs energy used for the western internal friction,Coach Factory Store. The Heat side to wait at Plaza labor into a limit of the Spurs camp GDP physical the Thunder lost Harden after power down is an indisputable fact that owned luxury F4 Lakers this season more eye-popping. Heat the defending only a matter of time!

Imagine weak eastern Who For Heat a higher full battalion of the Knicks injuries, Celtics point guard last season for reimbursement, the Pacers headed star return date undetermined, the Bulls rose delays return in the playoffs, only Heat lineup stabilized Heat record of 56 wins and 15 losses, can be said that the eastern summit the Jin troops finals no longer suspense.

Playoffs has been getting closer,Coach Shoulder Bags, the Miami Heat have experienced scores after the wave-game winning streak has been windy Union,Coach Factory Outlet Online, in the 27-game winning streak, they defeated the San Antonio Spurs, Thunder, Clippers, Knicks,Coach Totes Bags, Pacers, Celtics , Grizzlies, Lakers. Even though the probability of winning the championship in the the ESPN data experts – John Hollinger given in the beginning of the season, the Miami Heat win probability of 27.8% up to 31.2%, he gave the Thunder win probability. But a victory compared to the prediction that more convincing?


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