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The Lakers To Tencent sports official mailing display Ci Shiping injured left knee will be tomorrow (the 29th Beijing time) to accept meniscus repair surgery,Coach Outlet Store Online. The surgery by Lakers team doctor Steve – Naropa multi surgical specialists Dan Kela Zi surgeon. Ci Shiping post-operative recovery period of a minimum of six weeks, which means he will miss at least the Lakers all remaining regular season.

The data show that Bryant at small forward, the Lakers’ offense did not change much, while the defense lost points increased significantly,Coach Bags Outlet Online, not 100 Round lose points to 106.1 points. Fortunately,Coach Outlet, the Lakers after three away Timberwolves, Bucks, and King are not really strong teams, and three teams star players are not in the position of small forward.

Although the Lakers bench Jamison, Ebanks able to serve the small forward position, but the German commander decided to change to play small forward Bryant Meeks as the starting shooting guard. To do so for three reasons: First Meeks third can further help Howard and Gasol opened space inside Second Meeks recent state. Three bench only “orthodox”,Coach Store Online; small forward Devon. Iraq,Coach Factory Store, Banks is no longer among the German commander of the rotation, Jamison wrist injury, but the German commander needs him on the bench as a power forward.

Ci Shiping knee injury in the game with the Warriors after the MRI showed a torn lateral meniscus in his left knee. The Lakers are ready to race with the Timberwolves, Minnesota Ci Shiping has advance back to Los Angeles to undergo further checks. Coach Mike D’Antoni said Ci Shiping fear the absence of all the games remaining in the regular season,Coach Totes Bags, so the only change to play small forward Bryant (microblogging).”,Coach Jewelry;Yes, this is the current plan,” said the German commander, “Bryant is no stranger to the small forward position, I do not worry about the offensive end. Merely on the defensive end, he may need to prevent some players than the height of his stature. ‘

Yesterday Mavericks win, the Lakers behind “the pursuers” has more than a Jazz team. Mavericks momentum is very good, the Jazz have a relatively easy schedule, these are not really good news for the Lakers. Los Angeles Media Los Angeles Times a few days ago was still considered for the Lakers in the first round of the playoffs,Coach Bags Outlet Store Online, the Spurs or Thunder With Ci Shiping of the injured calf Sir hot pursuit, the Lakers long as they can keep the eighth position in the end of the regular season should be considered to complete the goal.”We all season with injuries to fight,” said the German commander, “Mehta (Ci Shiping) fell,Coach Wallets, we can only continue to adjust the lineup of the playoffs.”


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