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But the opening of the season to play, the Lakers have found that it is not the same thing then,Coach Outlet Online, team performance and record always unsatisfactory. Lakers starting five did not play should have the power. Injuries and Gasol for some time to come off the bench sake Bryant, Steve Nash, Ci Shiping, Howard and Gasol, the Lakers had come as a total of only six of the starting lineup, the results of the six games the team full defeat . This game against the Warriors, the Lakers starting five Saide results trailed by 25 points, trailed again.

Therefore, although the Gasol trade deadline is not sent away, but this summer, he is afraid that escape the transactions fate. In addition to the personnel changes, the players also need to make adjustments on the play. Such as Kobe Bryant, he should learn from Duncan to his teammates more shots and opportunities to do more on the defensive end and pass coordinate,Prada Outlet Online.

In fact,Louis Vuitton Monogram, today’s game, the Lakers played the best period in the fourth quarter, when the team field the lineup Howard, Kobe Bryant, Blake, Meeks and Nash. Howard led the defensive end, outside Bryant and Meeks defense is very positive. On the offensive end, Howard and Bryant containment,Coach Handbags, the team up and running the ball, Meeks and Blackburn have hit the long shot. When the offensive trouble, Kobe Bryant come forward and make use of personal ability, continue up points for the team. This time, the Lakers once a 22-point deficit down to only 7 points.Just the Lakers this time the counterattack is already too late. In fact, in the first three quarters, the Lakers played defensive end more positive points, sharing the ball better offensive end, the game would not be completely controlled by your opponent.

Last offseason,Prada Outlet Online, do everything possible to attracted Nash and Howard,Coach Shoulder Bags, Lakers (microblogging) and Kobe, Gasol and Ci Shiping (microblogging) luxury lineup. This lineup, paper lineup alone, enough to be in a cold sweat. Team wishful thinking, too, thought the piling up from the superstar lineup, recapture lost the championship.

This point, when the best starting five, the Lakers turned a bad idea for a win record is embarrassing 0 wins, 7 losses. In the face of such cruel data, the Lakers make adjustments to the lineup is inevitable. In the current lineup, Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash can organize attacks,Prada Cosmetic Bags, Howard also need the ball in the low post,Michael Kors Outlet Online. Three personal edge, Gasol the ball to reduce his previous high coordinate play no role in the overall value is greatly reduced. Rather to let Gasol defensive and storm,Coach Outlet Online USA, and this is not his forte, especially his now 32-year-old.

Beijing on March 26, the Lakers away 103-109 defeat on the Warriors suffered three straight playoff prospects cast a shadow over again. The embarrassing situation of this season, the Lakers cited that Hao’s starting five, when they starting moving in unison, even the team’s record is 0 wins and 7 losses. It seems this year’s offseason, the Lakers lineup major adjustment is already inevitable.


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