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Howard 56.7 percent shooting against the Lakers is very important. Howard after the All-Star break with at least 10 shots,Gucci Bags UK, the Lakers ‘record of 8 wins and 1; When he shot less than 10 times the number of the Lakers’ record of 3 wins and 5 losses. Particularly evident in the offensive end in the fourth quarter “absent”. This is the inside of his tight double team and opponents. Bryant said, must help Howard to change this situation, but simply feed him the ball, does not solve his hand shooting,Gucci Outlet Online, “We need to come up with a better way to help him move offensive, let his game easy points. “At the same time, Howard began training outside shooting, and efforts to prove to the teammates, he was able to score six feet feet away from the hoop outside shooting. But this game with the Warriors but was quite bad.If he wants to listen to the recommendations of the Lakers top scorer,Gucci Shoes Outlet, Bryant’s suggestion is this: “straight pipe shots he has several good shots in the game with Washington. If you do not get shot, you can not have increased. “,Gucci Mens Shoes;

Howard, however,Gucci Shoes UK, I’m tired of the imbalance on this data, especially when the reporters repeatedly he reminds his shooting performance in the fourth quarter. He said: “I really do not want to talk about this.” However, his lack of his own shot,Gucci Women Shoes, but blamed teammates “do not pass”,;. In the last game after losing to the Warriors, he hinted that his teammates did not play the right way to go, implying that he lacked enough pass. This,Gucci Shoes Italy, apparently referring to Bryant. Bryant course make deny, he is not too alone to fight, “I tried to try to maximize the opportunity, he hit a low, but then (Howard) in foul trouble., But 19 points behind game, (I) can not be this way and flounder. ”

Beijing time on March 27, the Lakers have a league efficiency is one of the best pitchers, but are often unable to get his contribution in the fourth quarter. This is Howard. 56.7 percent shooting this season, the Lakers squad is the highest in the league can be routed to the sixth. But in the fourth quarter, he is often inaction. Lakers, including Bryant (microblogging), said Howard, it must be a difference.

In fact, this month, the Lakers’ defeat in the the fourth quarter, Howard basically ignored. He is the fourth quarter in five games,Gucci Outlet, a total of only 3 shots. Yes, that’s right, only three times. Howard in those games is not the “invisible man”, his name always appears the fourth quarter – is his rebounding.


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