The Positive Response of Mining to National Project

The other primary problem is the produce and dump of the building wastes that caused the China”s pollutants discharging, which not only occupies a lot of land, but also pollutes the environment through the spread of the dust and other rubbish. In order to solve the problems of rubbish stacking and energy consumption, Hongxing has developed a series of new crushing machines, such asjaw crusher machine, sand making machines, etc, which can reuse these building wastes as the renewable materials through crushing and processing. After having been researched and adjusted, the energy consumption of the equipment has greatly reduced, which reduces the power and energy costs of the customers” at the same time.

The “Twelfth Five-Year” Plan puts the urbanization construction and energy conservation and emission reduction as the same important position, therefore, only by laying emphasis on the energy saving of the equipment and production lines while grasping production can we ensure the economic benefits of the manufacturers” and the stable development of national economy.

After the energy saving and emission reduction work of the “Eleventh Five-Year” having achieved certain results, China will identify the reduction in energy consumption intensity and decrease in major pollutants emissions as the blinding target of the national economy and social development in “Twelfth Five-Year”, the energy consumption and emission reduction as the breakthrough of adjusting economic restructuring and accelerating the change of economic development mode. However, in the current economic development trend, the energy consumption and the dump of the rubbish caused by the rapidly development of urbanization are the focus of energy conversation and emission reduction.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as rock crusher, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

In order to keep the stable and rapid development of national economy, China has spend considerable human and materials resources on the infrastructure construction, although the urban construction has achieved certain results, and the transportation construction on various regions of China gradually perfects, however, the consumed energy and the discharging of the major pollutants in the rapid development stage of urban development rise significantly, especially the rising velocity of the building rubbish and the energy consumption in producing building materials is relatively fast.

Building materials are the essential necessities of China”s urban construction, in order to meet the production demand of building sand aggregate, the customers who want to equip with sand production line and crushing equipment are growing rapidly. But this large mining machinery equipment easily causes the energy excessive consumption under the high strength working environment. In order to save the customers” production cost and reduce the China”s energy consumption, choosing formal energy saving crushing equipment is the top priority of positively cooperating planning work.


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