The Usage of Teeth Roll Crusher in Coal Preparation Plant

One of the commonly used crushers in the coal preparation plant is the teeth roll crusher, whose crushing ways include the splitting crushing and extrusion crushing. In the two kinds of crushing ways, the splitting crushing is the main crushing method. The tooth roll crusher can be divided into the double teeth roll crusher and single tooth roll crusher.
The double teeth roll crusher is composed of two oppositely rotating toothed rollers and the single tooth roll crusher consists of a rotating toothed rollers and an arcuate broken plate. When the toothed rollers rotate, the teeth on the roll surface can bite the coal to make it to be crushed. The coal is fed from the upper part and the materials that have been crushed will be discharged from the lower part with the rotation of the toothed rollers.
In order to meet the requirements of large crushing ratio, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. Has developed a new kind of roll crusher. As for this series of roll crusher, in fact, it is to make two pairs of teeth roll crushers in series. The materials discharged from the former roll crusher will be fed into the latter roll crusher. It is characterized by large crushing ratio and large feeding particle size. Due to the combination between the primary crushing and secondary crushing, a crusher can meet the crushing requirements of various particle size. The long teeth and short teeth in the upper roller is in proper arrangement and the tooth roller in the lower roller can take different forms according to the nature of the materials and crushing requirements.


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