To Classify the Impact Crushing Machine

The impact crushing machine can be divided into hammer crusher and impact crusher. The impact crushing machine is equipped with the rotor of high-speed rotation and the impact hammer. When the materials enter the crusher, they will be crushed by the hammer in high-speed rotation or gain energy from the rotor so that they will be thrown to the crusher wall or the special hard plate in high speed to be crushed. The crushing ways of the two kinds of crushers are the same. The difference is that the materials will be crushed under the role of the repeated impact in the impact crusher, which has the characteristics of the high-frequency impact. The crushing ratio of them is large and they are suitable for the crushing of brittle materials.
The hammer crusher makes use of blow effect of the high-speed rotary hammer to crush the materials. In the operation, the articulated hammerhead in the high-speed rotation strikes the    bulk materials and throws the materials to the impact board of the inner wall. The materials will fall to the grate bars on the lower part after the further crushing. The hammer crusher can be divided into two categories: single-rotor hammer crusher and double rotor hammer crusher.
The impact crusher uses the impact energy to break material. When the crusher works, driven by the motor, the rotor rotates in high-speed. When the materials enter the active area of the plate hammer, they will collide with the hammer on the rotor and later they are thrown to the counterattack device for the further crushing. This process will be repeated until the material is crushed to the desired particle size and discharged from the discharging port. The impact crusher can be divided into two categories: single-rotor impact crusher and double rotor impact crusher.


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