To Take Measures to Improve the Flotation Rate

In the operation of the flotation machine, there are many indicators affecting the efficiency and quality. The flotation rate is one of the important factors that need attention. The flotation rate refers to the flotation time that is required when it reaches a certain recovery (or the unit production capacity of flotation machine). To increase the recovery rate and shorten the time of flotation is to improve the flotation rate. The following are the major measures to improve the flotation rate:
1) the operator should pay attention to the reasonable adjustments of the reagents, especially the  amount of the foaming agent. Generally speaking, a slight increase in the foaming agent will promote flotation speed, but the excessive foaming agent will reduce the selectivity, which needs the special attention. Therefore, in the case that if the collectors dosage is larger or it is in the selection, the amount of the foaming agent should not be excessive.
2) within a suitable range, the increase in the rotational speed of the flotation machine impeller and the decrease of the trough depth to shorten the gap between the impeller and cover to increase the inflated amount can promote the flotation rate.
3) to make the slurry pass through the slot as soon as possible. The slot in series is faster than the slot in parallel, which is also conducive to enhance the flotation rate.
4) The selection of the size of the tank must be appropriate. In general, the selected slot size can not be too large. If the selected trough is too large, the residence time of the slurry in the tank will be too long, which will not only make the concentrate foam depleted, but also reduce the flotation rate. 
5) the appropriate control of the concentration of the slurry can obtain the maximum flotation velocity.
The measures mentioned above are helpful to improve the flotation rate, which makes a big difference for the efficiency of the flotation operation.

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