Two Major Drying Factors That Need Attention

In the operation of the dryer machine, there are many aspects needing attention for the users in order to guarantee the normal running of the machine and improve the drying efficiency.
The delivering of the material in the dryer machine
The selection of the dryer machine is a critical point for the drying of the material. In some cases, the materials will be pre-treated so that it will be easier for the materials to be in the drying state in the specific drying equipment. Under some cases, when the material is dried or heated, the heat-sensitivity of the product will change or the control characteristics of the product will change. Obviously, the combination of two or more different forms of drying devices will be the better choice in this case. 
Handling capacity and operation time
In determining the form and operational way of the dryer machine(intermittent or continuous operation), the handling capacity should be taken into consideration. When processing small amounts of the switching material with many varieties in the same device, it will be better to select the switching equipment. The pharmaceutical drying equipment should be easy to clean and meet the standard. According to the small test results, the heating area and the diameter is the square relationship, the volume and diameter is the cubic relationship. Therefore, if the drying material increases, the drying time will increase with the increase of the diameter. The heating time of some materials is long, which is likely to cause instability. The operators should pay particular attention to this in the design. 


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