Stretch Your Way Skinny

A quick stretch before you sweat helps prime muscles for your workout, keeps injuries at bay, and speeds recovery. But did you know that doing the right stretches—and doing them the right way—can actually help you slim down faster? Thirty minutes of stretching burns about 60 to 100 calories—about the same as gentle yoga (compare that to the measly 22 calories you burn sitting on the couch watching a half-hour TV show). Learn the five stretches that can help you slim down in Stretch Your Way Skinny.

But if the only flexible thing in your life is that extra spending account, you’re not alone. As we age, both our muscles and tendons lose their flexibility. Plus, if the only exercise we get is flipping through the TV listings at breakneck pace, our muscles flex even less, getting stiffer over the years. “Aside from the aging process, our habits and daily activities can also cause our muscles and tendons to shorten,” says Willett.

Even your shoes can inhibit your flexibility. For example, in women, wearing high heels shortens the hamstrings and calves (check out these easy moves to prevent injuries from wearing high heels). This won’t be a problem when you’re sitting still, says Willett. But if you try to do a leg curl or squat, the shortened muscles won’t do the job willingly. Try to push a shortened muscle or tendon through too much exercise or range of motion, and you’ll develop pain or an injury, such as tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon).

Ironically, it’s not only aging and lifestyle that can affect flexibility, but exercise, too. “Weight training and weight-bearing exercise like jogging contract muscles again and again, shortening the muscles and tendons involved,” says Willett. “So you have to take the time to stretch out your muscles again after you use them. If you do so, not only will your muscles and tendons retain their elasticity but also they’ll be able to get even stronger. An exercise program that includes all three elements (cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility) will keep your muscles and tendons in the best shape possible.”

Burn fat while you stretch
In addition to keeping you flexible, stretching burns calories and helps you relax.”Stretching isn’t aerobic,” concedes Willett. “But you’ll burn more calories by stretching than you will by sitting and doing nothing.” For a 150-pound woman, 30 minutes of stretching burns 60 to 100 calories—about the same as gentle yoga—compared to 22 calories for sitting still. As an added incentive, you’ll find that stretching is extremely relaxing, especially after a workout. “Stretching will slowly lower your heart rate after an activity,” says Willett. “That has a calming effect on most people. Also, the deep breathing and stillness required for stretching are really helpful for releasing tension both in the muscles and in the mind.”

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