Tone Your Entire Body With MBT Shoes

Research proves that more calories are burned by standing in MBT shoes than if you were walking in other shoes! Now just imagine how many calories are shed by walking in these shoes. How do they work? Emulating how our ancient ancestors traditionally walked, Masai Barefoot Technology uses a multilayered sole so that you are no longer walking on a flat surface. It has been compared to walking barefoot in the sand for an extended period of time.

This more natural step includes a curved sole to support the foot but also to encourage a different walking manner. This way, muscles are challenged and encouraged to be more active in maintaining correct posture. The natural pull-through motion of a step is created, causing it to be followed throughout the whole body, with an end result of the correct and natural posture and gait. Research has even been done on whether one can improve one’s golf game by wearing MBT shoes!

This new form of footwear technology trains your feet-and the rest of your body in turn-by causing you to balance, and it has been described as a similar feeling as balancing a tennis ball under the foot as you stand and walk. Different muscles are used for both standing and walking to ensure that all lower body muscles are equally flexed and toned as you wear the shoes.

It is also because of these posture corrections that many doctors have begun to prescribe MBT footwear to help particular conditions, or even just to help increase health and fitness levels for some patients. Conditions that have been said to be helped by MBT footwear are hip disorders, lower back pain, knee injuries and ankle instability. Tight muscles can also be relaxed by use of MBT shoes, and back and joint problems are said to decrease.

These shoes are especially recommended for athletes and runners. They cannot be worn during athletic activity, as one’s running gait is different than a walking gait, but normal wear can improve the health and performance of the muscles dramatically. After wearing MBT footwear, muscles in the feet respond differently and increase the amount of shock absorbed by joints and discs. This decreases any chances of injuries, as well as lowering the amount of stress placed on the body during athletic activities. A double layer of cushioning in the shoe ensures that the entire foot has enough support for extended periods of walking.

The idea was created from watching African runners train and noticing how few injuries they seemed to have. Researchers observed the difference in how the foot hit the ground barefoot as compared to in regular shoes. Thus, the goal was to create a shoe which had a similar natural motion as running barefoot, with a rolling motion that encouraged interaction from other muscles in the body. This interaction is what prevents injuries from occurring. When the body is off balance, it naturally stabilizes itself, which is healthier than wearing shoes that attempt to stabilize your body for you.

With MBT Shoes, tone up your entire body by just walking! Why wear boring walking shoes or bland dress shoes when you can wear attractive shoes that increase your health as well as the appearance of your body? By simply changing your shoes, take your health back into your own hands and improve your body with every step!

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