Chen Zhaodi daughter

Jordans 2013 LONDON (Reuters) she is one of the hallmarks of the old women’s volleyball team, she is the mother of all the players in August 1 Tigongtaidui, she is the hearts of the children kindly aunt, she is the first female general in the sports history of the Republic, she is Chen Zhaodi in Beijing time the afternoon of April 1, 2013, Chen Zhaodi death due to cancer treatment failed in Beijing, the People’s Liberation Army General Hospital.Her daughter microblogging record the female generals battled last time. Her daughter wrote: “take a good mother, that place with no pain, no diseases, only happy two days I have 26, you lie to me again, I do not hate you, I still love you, Mommy, I love you. ”
New Jordans In mid-February, Chen Zhaodi because seriously ill hospitalized more than 40 days time, the old women’s volleyball feats player has been battled today, the hospital issued a critical condition notice, Chen Zhaodi the daughter can not accept the fact that, in the micro-Bo reads: “I simply can not sleep a wink the rest, simply do not accept the doctor of my sentencing, you are so strong, so admit defeat, I know you will not lose, you will certainly overcome the disease, my mother refueling even if it is the last time, I also believe that a miracle will happen to you. “However, the time at this time to be the most ruthless killers. 9 microblogging accompanied by her daughter, Chen Zhaodi general farewell to the dead. At the same time, Sina microblogging verified and forwarded the news. Lang Ping said: painful microblogging “has just received a phone call, my dear old teammate Zhao Di go … felt very sad, a month before the meet became Farewell. Zhaodi all the way!”
New Jordans 2013 Meanwhile, Lang Ping memories of the past with little General Chen Zhaodi this to say: “Dear Zhao Di, last month to visit you, we are still discussing volleyball, I coached every game you wrote on the microblogging very concerned about suggestions you family friendship so persistent. remember for us to win the first world championship in 1981 that you and I are roommates, before the final back injury recurrence, but adhere to teeth to fight to finish five innings, we leaning on the podium indomitable fighting spirit will always inspire me very much like you! our afterlife for teammates! “(Yang Baoyan) the

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