England 1 yaoxing of take-all Manchester United 4 giants

Cheap Jordans Premiership multi Warren, the remark is not an exaggeration, especially in small and medium-sized clubs. Half of Swansea’s ultra-efficient shooter meters Chu before the season, although worth only 2 million pounds, but it has been in all competitions for the Welsh club gains 20 balls. Today, Southampton and the Lambert, with 14 goals in 31 games, he became the first person in the local striker in England.This season, Southampton and Chelsea played three games, the first game is the beginning of the FA Cup this year, the Saints home 1-5 gaofu not send all the main. The second is 10 days after that, the Lambert scored a goal off the bench, led by Southampton in the case of two goals behind 2-2 draw with Chelsea. Today’s game, Saints coach Rinpoche Martino no longer want to cover a hesitant, he simply let Lambert hit the first. Results, Lambert two goals have played an important role. 23 minutes of the game, Lambert left pass tore through the Chelsea defense, Rodriguez finally pick Steven – Davis pass single-handedly opened the scoring; second goal, Lambert Bo frontcourt Ivanovic fouls, personally surgeon a free kick hit the score still at 2-1.
New Jordans The 31-year-old Lambert was a late bloomer. His career started from Blackpool, November 2000, after the termination Blackpool, he had more than three months without the ball can be kicked, in March 2001, he joined as a free agent Mark Wales, Rumsfeld, . The turn in the summer, he joined worth £ 300,000 a Stockport. In February 2005, he was free to join Rochdale; next summer, he again joined Bristol Rovers £ 200,000 worth. Until the summer of 2009, before he came to the Southampton Today effectiveness. This season, Lambert to participate in the Premier League for the first time, before he took part of the British crown, League One, England B game like this. Mark Wales Rumsfeld, he even took part in the Third Division. However, the Inf, from the lowest level of the league playing, Lambert step by step to become the top scorer in the top league. Lambert this season could eventually become England native scorer, he will become the first ever three has become a three-level league the local striker king of England players.In the Premier League,
New Jordans 2013 Swansea meters Chu undoubtedly all be seen as a textbook in the transfer market. Last summer, the Welsh club to sign for a mere £ 2,000,000 meters Chu result, the Spain striker has scored 16 goals in 29 league games scoring 1 goal and 3, respectively, in addition to still the FA Cup and League Cup ball, led the team won the League Cup this season, made ??places for the competition next season Europa League. However, compared with the Lambert meters Chu seems trivial. The Lambert’s worth only one million pounds, has scored 14 goals from the cost point of view, he is undoubtedly higher than rice Chu. If the 27-year-old rice Chu is a “magician”, then the 31-year-old Lambert is undoubtedly a “witch”. Last week, the Southampton club official does not want to, they have completed a contract with Lambert, who was born in Liverpool striker will stay at St. Mary’s Park in 2016. As long as the Saints do not downgrade, then the next three years, it can be seen in the Premier League this conscientious, one step at a veteran’s come.

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