Kobe Bryant: beyond Chamberlain Xianxie fans

New Jordans 2013 Bryant [microblogging] legend continues! Career scoring total beyond Chamberlain rose to NBA [microblogging] history scoring fourth incarnation guard almost playing on consecutive nights, the rate Lakers [microblogging] away 103 than 98 escapement King, the pain, he has long been left behind.Bryant and Nash [microblogging] the field equal to all injuries this season, the former ankle injury healed after the game left foot yesterday and found bone spurs, which recently has been in and an old injury to fight, broke the game less than two minutes, Nash old injury aggravated, back to the locker room for treatment, then never returned to the stadium. Bryant knew he must be translated into the role.”When Steve (Nash) end, I know that must be converted to their own role to play point guard, Paul (Gasol) must assume the role of playmaker,” Bryant said.
Jordans 2013 Bryant once again put shells transported to a teammate in the hands of he and Gasol outside the team’s offensive series from the field in the two combined for 24 assists.That is, at that time, Bryant decided, he played in the audience.”I was in Section I decided to be played 48 minutes, when Mike (D’Antoni) looked at me, I resolved to tell him that I want played the whole game,” Bryant said, “I think my ankle I need to to do so (rest too long if soreness), buddy, we also remaining nine games, I was able to get over it! “In fact, Bryant has not played 48 minutes during the 23 seconds of rest, but he said after the game, it was not his own idea, coach old German insists let him rest.”I think 23 seconds rest is critical,” D’Antoni said after the game.
Jordan 11 Bred Bryant not only assists, as well as score, he finished with 19 points, scored a career total beyond Chamberlain rose in NBA history, scoring the fourth.”This is a journey and how long journey ah! From a 7-year-old child to a 17-year career, the Lakers kingdom are so support me, I am very grateful to everyone,” Bryant said, “I was about 8 years old first time see Wilt (Chamberlain), the first to think of things, his role in the movie “Conan the Barbarian” and he is a particularly good heart, and he feels very special together. ‘Kobe after the game talking about retired topic again, and said the rhetoric own after fight no problem at point guard.”I can play more than a season or two, but to look at my own wish,” Bryant said, “If I want to, I can play point guard, field 12 assists no problem.”

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