Season after considering trading

ESPN reported that the Cheap Jordans after the All-Star control Weilang multi-season, not only ranked seventh eighth rose from the eastern margin of points per 100 Round also increased by 4.5 points. Does this mean that Rondo Celtics in fact is not so important to me? The ESPN experts Duri Venter author Rondo’s absence does make the Green Army to perform better at both ends, the team can be considered at the end of the season will be out of his deal. On the defensive end, Rondo in the past four seasons, was named Union first or second all-defensive team, but this season, he is not present, the Celtics defensive tenacity much, his presence rest of the time, the Celtics average every 100 rounds lost less 2.5 points.
The New Jordans said, Rondo sidelined on the positive impact of the Green Army is clear: the team average per 100 possessions on the offensive end can have more of 3.2 points less on the defensive end lost 1.3 points. Use the words of one scout: Rondo’s absence on the team in both offense and defense are a positive impact on the operation of the Celtics the ball on the offensive end, more quickly, reduce the ball to stay in a players the hands of time on the defensive end, Bradley’s tough defense the often adventurous steals than Rondo more work. In fact, Bradley is the lead Celtics in better performance Rondo diagnosed an important reason, even though the the Rondo data than Bradley is more beautiful. But the truth is, the past few seasons, the Celtics more dependent on the contribution of the Rondo, the worse the performance on the offensive end.
In addition, the before Rondo New Jordans 2013, the Green Army has 62.8% of the goals from assists, and assists in the league this data just fell to 61.6%., King reimbursement, the gap completely negligible. The contrary, after the reimbursement of the Rondo, the Celtics have seven players averaging assists are more than two times, the Rondo in only the Big Three and Terry assists more than two times in stark contrast.

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