To Pay Attention to Four Working Areas

Coal slime dryer machine is the commonly used drying equipment. It is the new dedicated drying equipment, which is composed of the heat source, belt feeder, rotary drum, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan and distribution box and other devices. However, in the operation of the coal slime dryer machine, the attention should be paid to the four working areas.
Firstly, the feeding zone. When the wet coal slime enters this area, the evaporation of moisture will be rapid after it contacts with high-temperature and hot air . The materials will be sent to the next working area before it bonds under the role of shoveling plate.  
Secondly, the clean-up area. The wet coal slime in this area will form the material curtain state and it is easy to form the bonding phenomenon. But in this area, it is equipped with the cleaning device, which can clean the adhesion of materials of the inner wall. In this process, cleaning device also has the crushing effect on the material pelletization and caking, thereby increasing the heat exchange area and improving the drying rate.
Thirdly, the inclined lifting plate zone. The wet coal slime in this area has shown a low moisture loose state, not having sticking phenomenon. The materials reach the desired moisture state after heat exchange, entering the final discharge zone.
Fourthly, the discharging zone. There is no shoveling plate in the drum in this area and the materials glide to the discharge gate in this area to complete the entire drying process.
To pay attention to the four working zones of the coal slime dryer machine will help the users to improve the drying efficiency and guarantee the quality.

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