Types Introduction of Ramond Grinder


     There are so many types of milling equipment: 3R1410, 1815, 2115, 2615, 2714, 2715, 2716, 3016; 4R2715, 3016, 3116, 3216; 5R4119, 4121 and 6R4427. All above are suitable for small and medium size mine, chemistry, building material, metallurgy, refractory, medicine, cement and other industries, and these grinder mills are high efficient close recycling and ultra-fine powder making equipment instead of Ball mill to process powder. The output of them can achieve national standard with advanced domestic level and they are popular in all industries.
     Grinder mill absorbs the advanced structure of foreign products, and is promoted and designed on the basis of big-size Raymond mill . Compared with ball mill, this equipment has higher efficiency, lower power consumption, smaller floor space and lower one-time investment. The roller tightly rolls on the grinder ring with the centrifugal force, therefore, when grinder roller and grinder ring are worn down to some thickness, it won’t affect the output and fineness of final products. The replacement cycle of grinder roller and grinder ring is long so as to eliminate the shortcoming of short replacement cycle of centrifugal grinder mill’s wearing parts.
     The winnowing airflow of this milling equipment works circularly and flowingly: fan – mill shell – cyclone separating device – fan. The stive produced by this working line is less than that by high-speed centrifugal grinder mill, and the operation workshop is very clean and there is no pollution to environment.

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