when the Stakhanov style advanced work

“Who told you, sir?” Ivan library Zimi Qi asked Orenburg was I said so. informed that I came. “Please come in! young master!” maimed soldiers replied, “our people at home.” I walked into a furnishings old dry clean net room on the corner of the room, put utensils cabinet officer certificate hanging on the wall, are air-frame, The certificate also against the background of the next few prints: attack Mukherjee Stirling. “attack Ke Aoqia Markov , as well as the selection of the bride. “mice buried the cat.” an old woman standing at the window, wearing a cotton waistcoat, tie a headscarf her wrapped in wool line circles his hands stretched out by a one-eyed old man wearing a military uniform Bengzhe. “you are what orders, sir?” She asked me, her hand job does not stop, I replied, I was poor when, in accordance with the rules come to the audience with Captain Mr. speak of them, I turned to the one-eyed elderly thought he must be a fortress commander. bureaucratic tone, I actually remembered the old lady interrupted. “Ivan Kuzmich was not at home,” she said, “Father Gellar Maxim house go. But it does not matter, sir! I was his wife. generous care and think highly of you, sit down! young master! “she a girl called in and told her to go to called the sergeant that the old man turned up one eye curiously.” I want to boldly ask, “he said,” Your husband is in which group service again? “I satisfied his curiosity.” I want to boldly ask, “he asked,” why Mr. Konoe transferred to military garrisons?, “I replied, which is on the peak of the mean.” In view of this, it may be done for a Guard officer is not commensurate thing! “to break the old man the casserole asked in the end he kept asking. “Well, Freeze Jiao Shetou!” Captain Lady said to him, “Look, this young people grow weary of the journey, he did not bother to listen to you nag …… (hand straight. …..) And you, my dear! “She turned to me and said:” transfer you to this desolate place, do not make yourself unhappy you are not the first, nor the last. learn to endure package your favorite Greek Wabo Lin, Alec tournament. not without sarcasm.”No, what I do not know all that.” Iskra disdain loss, then ignore this girl home, how to go and Sashi Ka busy, I do not know. Maybe the Mission District to go to? “”God, this is what happened in the Mission District?” Celine Bag UK heaved a breath, and said, “Iskra, over the summer, you feel tight bra not?””What bra?””Ordinary bra chanting. Ask you to do so daggers at me, as if to eat me like I just want to know, not all girls grow sideways or I was so ugly monster. “Iskra want to get angry, but this did not temper economic Na angry and it is very difficult to do things. Moreover, only the economic Na will publicly proposed to this problem is her Iskra generated, despite her busy commanding all her heart, but Fanghua burst on the scene in the sixteen-year-old season is calm. However, even if the closest girlfriend, she can not admit it out of this problem is a sign of weakness.”You should not be concerned about such things, economic Na.” Iskra said very seriously, “a komsomolets absolute should not be interested in such a thing.””I Komsomolets future I’m going to be a woman.””Ought to be ashamed!” Iskra angrily cried, “People come and listen to her vision turned out to be a woman, not when the pilot, parachutist, not when the Stakhanov style advanced work , is to be a woman, to do the plaything of man hands. “”To be a plaything to be loved,” economic Na smiled and said, “I can be refused only when ordinary plaything.””Do not talk nonsense!” Iskra shouted, “I hate to listen to this thing called [454] tell you, my nausea. Bourgeois philistinism.””Well, we sooner or later have to know this one.” Economic Na quite reasonable to point out, “But you get excited, let’s talk about Sashi Ka things.”Comes to Sa Shika things, Iskra can speak on for hours, but even the tongue longest never thought of “Iskra + Sashi Ka = love. This is not because Iskra love itself deemed outdated phenomenon has always been angry to be denied, but because Sashi Ka Iskra work with the firm purpose achievements, her personal strength tangible evidence of the indomitable spirit and a strong will.Also a year ago, Sashi Ka Costa Metz, the name on the previous teaching work conference should be mentioned that frequently appears in the work report, Kerr Nick baby his wife opened the door. “Wave economic Ou Muka!” She was surprised to shout out. Then she saw her mother.

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