A difficult problem

Today, I encountered a problem.
Morning, I came home from the cake, ready to feed the goldfish, found no the fish food, how can that do?
Don’t eat a meal at ordinary times, I feel hungry chest posted back, goldfish and haven’t been eating for two or three days. I was like a cat on hot bricks, everywhere disorderly shot.
The goldfish is an omnivorous animals, in addition to eat fish food, also can eat some food, biscuits, bread slag foaming. So I turned everything topsy-turvy to find my snacks. I look east, west flip, snacks like evaporate, run a trace. At this point, it suddenly occurred to me that the leftover food, so he ran to the kitchen and strange, even poor food also have no. It beats me, I turned around and found grandpa in the rice cooker just out of rice, I like meet a lifesaver, willy-nilly, got a few be swelling of the meters to put into the tank. See, goldfish as pulling-power arrows into food. At this moment, I deeply breathe a sigh of relief.
This matter from today, I understand a truth: stop the calm, look more, think more, ask more.

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