Advantages of Jaw Crusher’s Hydraulic Overload Protection

There are four advantages of jaw crusher“s hydraulic overload protection:

1. Jaw crusher can adjust hydraulic overload protection by adjusting nuts according to different occasions.

2. After the overload protection, the machine can realize automatic debugging and rapid reset with no needs of changing spare parts.

3. It”s easily operated and controlled by microcomputer and it can realize automatic crushing process.

4. Security, reliability and responsiveness is very important for the device protection. Jaw crusher”s hydraulic overload protection can ensure the safe operation of the machine. Even if the action valve breaks down, the accumulator still has buffering function, which can make the thrust plate shift to the right under the overload occasion and realizes outaging and alarming through pressure switch.

Jaw Crusher is widely used as primary and secondary rock crusher to crush material with compression strength less than 320 MPa. It is widely used in mine, metallurgic industry, chemical industry, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy, etc. The material falls by the feeder hopper within the aircraft, disperses after the tripper the material to all around the yummy treats. The electric motor after the triangle belt impetus eccentric shaft, causes to move the jaw the vertical motion to crush the material, achieved certain granularity less advanced enters the rotation cavity. The material receives the rotor in the rotation cavity and decides the jaw the attrition stave, the stave material discharges from under hopper. This machine may adjust the turnover material granularity through the loose and tight bolt and the addition and subtraction filling piece. Uses the circumference to give the material, broken than for the material scope the jaw machine is big, the yummy treats speed quick and does not stop up. Broken machine compares with the same level specification jaw, its productivity big, the product granularity small, the reduction ratio is big.

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