Bryant scored five points in super-Chamberlain

New Jordans Beijing time on March 31, today Lakers guest Sacramento to challenge the king. In the field of play before the the Bryant career total score has accumulated to 31415 points, he only needs to get the 5 will be able to surpass Chamberlain (31,419 points) rose to the NBA in scoring the fourth. The first 5, 0 vote, the first section of a scoreless case, Bryant sixth personal attack by 2 penalty points. After Bryant if fabulous time break layup, plus once hit a jumper and scored 5 points, successful super Chamberlain rose to a record total scoring fourth.
New Jordans 2013 Bryant is a fighter, no doubt. Lost to the Bucks after the game, Bryant was checking out his left foot bone spurs, but Bryant still appear in today’s starting. Although the injury did not knock Bryant, but did affect Bryant, the first section, Bryant turned a scoreless injuries significantly affect Bryant’s shot feel. Feel bad, Bryant is another way to help the team, Nash opening minutes back injury leave, Bryant Nash then took over the class, single sent out four assists. Especially that pass for Warcraft pretty after Warcraft staged a cover, Bryant eyes staring Warcraft post moves route, see ZhongWarcraftopportunitythe pass immediately arrived Warcraft the hands of Warcraft ball , the basket show a look back Mochizuki layup.
Jordan 5 Grapes Of course, the most important is that when open teammate offensive, Bryant did not mesmerized by the offensive initiative sacrifice when starting a green leafy. Third quarter last moment, the Lakers sent straight five steals, and set off the Lakers steals show is Bryant. Pick up Lakers soon mastered the field of active defense. Willing to serve as green leafy Bryant continues to break to send pass pointer with 2 minutes 56 seconds, Kobe Bryant after the break, to find the bottom line vacancy Gasol, the latter hit a jumper. This ball to help the Lakers leading by 6 points. However, when the game’s most critical moment, Bryant is still used to the role of the Terminator. 24.8 seconds before the whistle, the king will be divided into deficit to two points when Bryant twice to build strong foul succeeded, after three of four penalties, win the match.

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