Heat was the Knicks ridicule

Jordans 2013 Beijing on April 2 – Mario Chalmers is who? He is the Heat last season [microblogging] win the point guard, according to his own words, he is the league’s top ten point guard. However, the rival Knicks array in general Raymond – Felton from time to face, he openly provocation, said the Heat also weaknesses, and that is point guard. The next game, the Heat fight old foes Knicks.
New Jordans The Knicks’ starting point guard Felton Lane psychological warfare. He said, “I think the team have a chance at playing the Heat, if the the Heat soft underbelly, it would have to be the point guard, Felton, apparently for chalcone Lammers.Heat the soft underbelly of the outside world has always been inside. Back to Felton, can be considered not insightful. However, I heard him Chalmers can not be happy. Felton talk nonsense, Chalmers quickly responded, “people really what all say, but for me, the only important thing is I won the respect of his teammates and coaches I know him very well, but hear this case, I was a bit of a shock. “Chalmers said.
New Jordans 2013 As for the outside of their own views, Chalmers is also very calm, “I do not think he had won the respect of all, I was still working on it, but everyone is right to express their own ideas the “Chalmers said. It seems the Miami Heat’s game against the Knicks has not yet begun, and the smell of gunpowder had been began full-bodied.

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