Is there a best friend to send you an umbrella

Today is Children’s Day, Children’s Day is our last.
5:30 in the morning, was a burst of rumbling thunder awakened, how sleep could not sleep, Mulberry bags sale had to read.
Finished washing before they think of it today get-togethers, miserable, miserable, my red scarf not landed it, only to buy, but this morning, commissary or open the door, so I harbored disturbed feelings spend a half an hour.
Commissary open the door! Ah, great, oh yeah, but. . . . . . The unexpected is always sudden, suddenly, the rain increased, Goodness gracious, even God and I make life difficult for you? This is over, I can only do a small turkey bolted in the rain, just getting ready to run, the United States and Iraq Chen and Li Zhuo back to them “hello”, ran out, and ran half heard a “Ren Yi Xuan, a look back, has been the mushrooms Mulberry bags bolted over, or purple, the mother, a closer look, the original umbrella of Chen US-Iraq. To life? Holding an umbrella rainy run out will also be poured into the “I shouted.
“Umbrella to you, you do not order it the gonorrhea of ​​how to do?” She said.
Li Zhuo shouted in the corridor: “Your umbrella to her, how do you come back?
“Do not worry, I ran back…”
Rain, holding my umbrella, {owdjf}@#5446w was silent, as if to accept the best gift between heaven and earth, and I, like to stay there like a blockhead, and do not know what they thought, only know that I was really touched, a good cry, no expression ‘s face suddenly put a smile, not just the face, also stationed in my heart, even the Little Match Girl ignited as she lit the light!
Tell you the truth, from small to large a man do this to me, are generally “You go back and get fast umbrella” and I use the same “, no one is willing losing that barrier will be rain umbrella by the case, Chen United States and Iraq, she was the first one.
At that moment, Mulberry uk was really touched, very shocking, even if only a short moment is enough, in the dark, just one match is enough, I will, might show off like you said: “There are not a close friend, send your umbrella “?

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