Lakers game: every game tough and missed the postseason

New Jordans 2013 Los Angeles Times, “the author analyzes three games of the Lakers this week, said the most critical moment of the playoffs, the Lakers lost this week, two or three games, they will miss the playoffs, Lakers 38 wins 36 losses record ranked ninth in the west, and western jazz record eighth year, came in jazz after the outcome of the relationship as rivals. At present, the Lakers regular season only eight games left, next to this week against the Mavericks, Grizzlies, Clippers three teams. “Los Angeles Times, the Lakers took over if you lose two or three games, they most likely missed the playoffs, the Los Angeles Times,” but also the relationship between the outcome of the next three games to make a prediction.
Jordans 2013 Against Dallas on Tuesday (local time): wins, the next home playing the Mavericks will be the Lakers this season, the most important regular-season, in fact, following eight games against the Lakers every game is critical. Currently, Mavericks 36 wins and 37 losses ranked tenth in the west, just behind the Lakers and a half wins. If this direct dialogue with the Mavericks win, the gap between them and the Lakers will be reduced to only half wins. And both sides of this direct dialogue on the outcome of the relationship is very important, if the Lakers win their regular season record against Dallas is 3-1. Even though the last two have the same record, the Lakers by virtue of the relationship between the outcome advantages will beat the Mavericks into the playoffs. Nowitzki recently-form, but the Los Angeles Times, “predicted the Lakers home game will achieve this crucial victory in the battle.
Jordan 11 Bred Against the Grizzlies on Friday (local time): negative Grizzlies currently ranked fourth in the West with 49 wins and 24 losses record, they are one of the best defensive teams in the league, averaging limited opponents score 90 points less. Especially trading away Guy, the the Grizzlies overall defensive strength to further improve, they played against the Lakers this season, and has never been given no favors. The Grizzlies desire to win is very strong, they even want to rise to the position of the western third. Therefore, Lakers battle Grizzlies slash. Clippers record is 49 wins and 25 losses, the victory over the Lakers their first three games against the bucket. However, the injury is the most recent drag the Clippers In fact, after a 17-game winning streak, the winning percentage of the Clippers also at about 50%. Paul Union the best helm hand, but they do not have home court advantage at the Staples Center. This game, “Los Angeles Times” predict the Lakers will achieve victory in the derby.

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