Motion Analysis of Mineral Grain on the Shaking Table

Shaking table belongs to flow membrane separation equipment. It is the the common equipment used in separating fine ore. Shaking table”s outstanding advantage is high sorting accuracy. We can get get high grade ore concentrate or abandoned tailings after only once selection.

Mineral grain on the shaking table is mainly affected by gravity, transverse flow and pulp flow. Ore particle swarm in the bed ditch has two separation motion types: loose layer and carrying zone.

1. Loose layer

Lateral flow crosses the bed flow and arouses whirlpool between the article beds. The upper ore grain in the ditch becomes loose in the pulsating flow effect.

2. Carrying zone

When the particle swarm is in loose layer in the ditch, it is also affected by lateral water flushing effect and the bed surface longitudinal differential rocking thrust. Different ore grain has different motion direction. We can get concentrate, middling, tailings and slime after picking out the concentrate end and tailings end respectively.

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