Pressure with victory

August 7, 2012, London bowl ushered in the most frenzied moments of the Chinese people, the 110-meter hurdles preliminaries, Mulberry outlet comeback after a lapse of four years. Before this, China suffered the major Sports Federation bullying, but today the Chinese people have stood up. Cries, screams heard, it seems that the referee said the kid too hard dared to wrong the 1.4 billion Chinese people will not forgive you. Well referee was scared, everyone’s eyes are staring at the meter eighty nine Chinese guy who.
   He smiled before the start of a race so many Chinese people crazy, did not he uneventfully depending on the game as a foregone conclusion? Well, we will wait and see. Began Liu Xiang overcome the problems of the beginning of the sprint slow vaguely he is the first on the field, along with the narrator phrase “Damn” again in the heart of the people suspended beating for a few seconds.
   Disappointed, puzzled, angry, sad, questioned along with the moment falls Liu Xiang became the main mood of the Chinese people from. Subsequent abuses of people will be flooded in the society as a whole, it was said that he was putting on a show, it was also because of his team, also said that Liu Xiang With fear Olympic symptoms. In short Liu Xiang is a failure, and this is likely to be his last Olympics, used to make people ashamed of themselves Hao Liu Xiang withdrew from the stage.
   Injury, and injury. Why not to hurt the early to late not to hurt the chosen Olympics hurt. Come to grief on the occasion to calm down the find opened reasons.
   Recent Olympic gold medal of the Chinese people’s history curve is to begin shooting, fencing, swimming from the potential ferocity, the middle along with table tennis, badminton, diving, gymnastics begun to reach the top, to the final stage athletics , basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. The climax comes. China seems to be ahead of the end of the Olympic Games, no longer has the absolute strength of the title race. Often in this moment of contention for a medal is a great breakthrough. When a lightning bolt down a Mulberry handbags seemed to become the image of the spokesperson of the Chinese track and field team. A prosperity or a loss for both, the success or failure of the Chinese track and field all small Xiang move. Seen him how pressure. If success in 2004 on behalf of his strength, then the failure of 2008 on behalf of his bear unimaginable pressure, 12 years his pressure to have to run the point, knowing that ran down and may be affected by the injury 2008 weight, but he must run down. 2008 also may be thinking of the next term, but the 12-year and 29-year-old Liu Xiang no way to retreat to go to pressure from outside its own pressure that caused the collapse of the Liu Xiang, {owdjf}@#5446w he could care less about any game but there was the Olympic Games can not be this Liu Xiang also created excessive use their own Olympic miserable death to the point where. It can be said that the victory has created pressure but the pressure was overthrown victory.
Failure but we Buyiburao does not care or we might be created by the results of such a trigger is a vicious cycle, let Liu Xiang became the next draft pick Yao, good when Yao how scenery, as he occupied the highest center of command of the air we did complain that he is too soft to play, Yao Ming only emaciated body rim time and time again, when the other major groups of up to double team when he could not pass because he is a draft pick Yao Ming, he is much-anticipated. Not his apprentice Olajuwon learning low technology to accomplish something when we once again shouting championship resulting in Cheapmulberrybags injured in scraping generation of heroes this fall that year he was 31 years old.
So when failure comes, we can not be big plus accountability is these do not get the victory because perhaps it created unnecessary pressure is these unnecessary pressure loss after another in a victory before the fall of the one after another genius.

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