Round the football


Dressed in a black and white clothes, it’s always in the gym “ran”, as if his body strong, eight hundred laps are no problem, you guess who it is? For it’s football. Football for me is important part of in my childhood, if missing it, like li cannot sing the pain. Below I will introduce my childhood is the best companion of football!

Football life out there is a black and white dress, can be beautiful! Mulberry uk But it’s fate is so tragic! Is doomed to be kicking people go, I want to wire it often whisper: my life really bitter! How are people kick, kick my feet pain, headache, whole body pain. Indeed, it was kicked out of the athletes. The 30th Olympic Games in London, England began! First of all is the Chinese PK, the United States. China team got the first ball, I saw the ball a kick by vanguard, football fly very high, like a rocket, instant, flew into the net. Into the! Everyone shouted, and danced for joy. This time, really bad luck! Team USA’s pioneer grabbed the ball, his feet like magic, a kick to a net of China, even the goalkeeper use methods also can not hold up against, when the everybody is tied 1-1. China pioneer seems very dissatisfied and push the football players from the United States hand snapped and harder with a kick, hit each other in the net. American players, defy spirit, just kick the ball to a few round, ha ha! The team’s strength is too small, in less than the net. The Chinese team win! Everyone is happy to tears, may be too excited!!!!

I love football! When I kick it when  Mulberry outlet was angry, it also didn’t call me “revenge”, this spirit is worth learning!

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