The book ho Liberation offer season best performance

Jordans 2013 The last time Jeremy Lin played two pairs of data, also dating back to February 12 this year, the Warriors game. Harden the second game in a row truce, good partner Parsons also due to food poisoning, more control of the ball right to Jeremy Lin finally ushered in the outbreak, shot a personal best performance of the season game. Played only 30 minutes, Jeremy Lin 16 voted 8 flat-season record 19 points, 11 assists and 3 rebounds, leading the Rockets 111-103 win over the Magic to usher in a two-game winning streak.The last five games, Jeremy Lin in four consecutive games scoring less than double-digit. Harden sidelined until the last game, Jeremy Lin scored 15 points to lead the Rockets knocked Clippers. Although Jeremy Lin never publicly complained about Harden to seize too much ball, but people have seen the Rockets game to know too much sticky ball Harden limited largely Jeremy Lin play. Harden out injured, as the Rockets 2 star Jeremy Lin naturally been liberated.
New Jordans And strong attack, attacks desires Super bursting Harden, Jeremy Lin of the biggest advantages is to know how to share the ball. Become the team’s commander, the game opening Jeremy Lin with pass Greg – Smith basket dunks action, set the tone for the style of game for the Rockets, that is selfless passing, as much as possible The ball reached inside. Section I have three more minutes, the Rockets played a poor score of 27-9, including 20 points from the inside Asik and Smith. Jeremy Lin completely played an exemplary role to take the lead, four assists three times and sent two big men.Section II Jeremy Lin back on the court before the rocket attack fluency disappeared completely, the Magic also took the opportunity to reduce the deficit. But with Jones offensive foul, the Haoge again led the Rockets played offensive mercury spilled in 6 minutes and 15 seconds LinShuHao body blocking loophole caused. Asik dunk the basket pass, very deceptive with one hand points to edge assists high toss the basket, the Garcia-third of high-speed propulsion assists Motel Yunus layup, Jeremy Lin in three consecutive Cherish wear flowers also chopped seven points to regain a 22 point lead was only 11 points in the Rockets once catch.
New Jordans 2013 Into the second half, Jeremy Lin playing more ease: the timely points the ball assists and personal score a perfect combination. Third quarter and 4 minutes 28 seconds, Jeremy Lin sent a the flat personal season record 11 assists. At the same time, this section Jeremy Lin scored 10 points. Last a Jeremy Lin has no further back on the court, because he has led the Rockets defeated the fighting spirit of the magic is to let the rest of the Beverly bench routinely depletion of game time. (Sohu sports Wella)

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