all procedures just signed the name on the certificate of titl

Last expanded to 14 members of our family. “Roma, Guess who this is?” Mom cried, to the side of the Nike Blazers Sale little boy fetched a bowl of soup, “he is your cousin, Romon”  but at the same time could not forgive her of any wrongdoing. Iskra has always been well aware of this, but also group this feel some pride, sometimes it is not easy though to maintain the status of awe for the whole class.For example, Iskra will never wearing a pants, naked and dancing in front of a mirror. Ji Na thought of it, and the face immediately red, while afraid Iskra found that suddenly appeared on her face flush, therefore blush more and more out of control. She simply this struggle, no longer listening to a friend talk, but only a signle blush.You up tricks? “Iskra suddenly asked sternly.”I?” Ji Na put on a very surprised look, “What are you talking! Did not engage in what I ghost tricks.””Do not lie, you a blush, I know how it is.””I do not know when you blush, my face is so red. Probably my sanguine.””You’re a little brains,” Iskra said angrily, David with a lot of baggage, and his family, as well as Jacob Abraham, Anna Abraham, Tuoxi Ya little sister Irene, they sat two cab on the left Cragg. They were some Polish farmers living in remote rural poor shelter, and they live together in the farmer’s barn. This is just a small thatched house in the soil to the shelters, no hot water. Tuoxi Ya never stayed in such a dirty house, and have not gone through such a poor day, and here there are a lot of lice, fleas. Before long, she could no longer bear it. “The child is sick,” she said to David, “simply can not find a clean place to her I can not give her a bath, you can not take good care of her, and I want to go home.” She was right, small Roma is very weak, as if sick. David looked at his daughter: a pair of black eyes, as well as head of black hair, his heart heavy. She overgrown Jewish little girls like him a standard. Saw Tuoxi Ya so anxiety David or yield. They can not go east, go down there is Russia. So they are sets of horse, to go back. Back to the ghetto in the city. Suddenly, my mother stopped, after a while child, she said: “I went to bubble tea and you do not want to eat anything, Roma?” I shook my head. “The stars, the stars is how is it?” I asked. It is also at this time, the German occupation Cragg. Ringing German soldiers drilling in early September, the narrow streets always back. Soon, they enacted a variety of rules, regulations. Jews can not have money, are not allowed to work, can not have a house, does not allow pets, can not have any jewelry and fur. They are not allowed to ride in the main street of the city, shopping, and can not eat in the restaurant. In all the streets of the city are plastered with the prohibitive slogans. The sign says: “Jews and dogs not allowed.” David gave up his dog, his company, his car, his money and his apartment. German, peremptorily swept away their fine porcelain, tall glass, as well as a collection of oil paintings in the box. Those they do not like something, directly from the windows to throw out. Soon, David and his family moved into the outskirts of a small house. Tuoxi Ya parents lost everything kicked out from that a nice house with a large garden. Transferred to a German the Abraham bakery in the downtown business district, and all procedures just signed the name on the certificate of title, and will continue to use the original signs business.  “you still immediately Frankly, it would be better for you.””Oh!” Economic Na hopelessly waved and said, “I just finished egg.””You what?”Finished egg the finished egg women do not understand? “”Nonsense.” Iskra laughed, “simply can not talk to you serious!”Ji Na know how to exclude others suspected. I scared heart is going, believe it or not, dear ! can now Well, have become accustomed to, if someone told us that the robber in the fortress near Happy Valley, that I could not even body will not move. He devoured, hard to eat, like a lot of years have not eaten rice. “Come,” When he finished, he said to me, “Come here, sit on my lap.” But I do not want to be in the Nike Blazers UK past. Again I ran away and hid under the table. They always said, I do not want to hear. I sometimes sit and draw, sometimes speaking to the Casimir story on my pants. I told my mum I am very to miss Man Niula and grandmother.

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