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Cars and passengers stuck in the mud, and those trucks removed Shouma, with the Bulls: hanging Cheap Nike Blazers corner pulled forward. But the savior to: But you most happy moment is inappropriate beautifully translated for some poetry, you can not help but read it with a smile. Liang Zheng said: “Those who read Evgeny? Onegin” who, like children tasted a very strong smell of honey, who do not want to read it twice and three times it? Translated Liang Zheng in his I now have a small “brother”. Father to take him back. He called Reese Nordisk ? ho if Davis, he is six months younger than me. I saw him at first sight like him. He has big eyes, a messy black curly hair, the body is very thin. Then they family one by one moved to live in our house, his parents, his grandparents, and his 12-year-old sister, Bruneau Eugenia. The whole family is rescued by a person named Oscar Adams root Delek. During that time, Ross Neil’s brother and his wife’s brother Hao If Davis live over. They are the musicians to play for him in the concentration camp commander dinner, music, and thus survived. Later, my father and two brothers also came. I already have a knowledge, is the uncle of the Simon hiding in of Dieter large wardrobe behind. Hiding on a farm near his wife, also came to live with us. The father of another brother, Moses, I do not know. I’ve been a little afraid of him. He was not tall, but very strong and always apt to frantically roar. It is precisely because of this, he was traded to several concentration camps; really be such problems to be crazy. Reese Nordisk is a little maniac. A number tattooed on his arm like all adults arm. The blue font beginning with “144”. When we take a bath, sit together. Sometimes I wondered touch there, but he always immediately put his arm retracted. Dinner time, he became very wild, grabbed a piece of bread, possession to cushion underneath. He never sat down at a table to eat. But one night, turned out the light before you get it out to eat. Because we sleep in the same bed, I often hear the sound of his chewing. I do not know why he did. Great people do not understand. They do not think he was crazy. When he hid the bread, they always reprimanded him. They wanted to call him and everyone else at the dinner table to eat, can law-abiding. Now that the war has ended, but the adults did not have much time to be able to stay with us. As if the war on child does not have any effect. The kids Or should obedient, should understand the rules. Great people never consider the child’s feelings. Everyone in overcoming the after-effects of the war. Big people do not think there is enough energy to tolerate everything, there is not enough time to appease us. In the past, each time to the night when I feel afraid, they always delayed turn off the lights. But recently, my mother became very severe. “Close your eyes, turn past quickly sleep!” An smelly sweat and a wet rags to hit head. “Lige Ka! Do not you know me?” His face now, and I stick very close to my lovely baby daughter. “I watched in horror he glared ferocious man kissed mother. He may also want to kiss me. I immediately turned his head, ran to the side, hiding under the bed. I heard my mother behind me said: “David, at that time she also small, after all she has been for a long time have not seen you.” My father came back. He escaped from the camp. “Now hangs in the balance,” he said, “Otherwise, I would have died, just like everyone else.” At that concentration camp called Auschwitz, there must be very frightening, because whenever the father talked about there, always crying. They sat on the sofa, father, mother, Ella with green glass drinking vodka. Parents each other holding each other tightly. Later, my father wanted me to sit on his lap, but I ran away. “Come with me, Casimir,” I quietly bent over the dog’s ear and whispered, “We lay on the table below. They are only crying, drinking,” Casimir understand. We lay on the table below, I head on its furry, warm and soft belly. It warm even breathing makes me feel very safe. From here, I can see the upper left corner of the glass of the kitchen window. Through a piece of glass, I see the blue sky outside. Soon the sky was dark down into a dark blue, long song occasionally also hear far away the air raid sirens. This person is not my father. He is not! David Lai Boning is young, handsome, handsome young man kissing little girls Daredevil, a garden, a world-class skater. I think of that picture, my mother always carried with him. Photo, Dad has a tan face, a bright and healthy smile. Wearing a white suit and wearing a straw hat. The back of the photograph reads: Dear Mom: photos on this being smiled at you micro, handsome young man love you David. Suddenly living in the ghetto when a scene came back to me. They have taken away my grandmother, my father was sitting on the bed in the dark, stuffy room, sad and painful body constantly shaking like now whenever he talked about the concentration camps. Now? If he is really my father how to do it? No, I do not want this to be my dad, Nike Blazers Online my real dad is dead. At night, the stranger sleep in our bed, I will try my best efforts to bedside child sleep.

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