He did not even have shoes

about, but do not want to speak. We now have to learn (mixed dialect of German, Hebrew and Slavic Jews Interlingua) Yiddish and Hebrew. But I do not want to say anything. and their offspring, it is no longer mentioned the matter. Those Celine Bag sleepless nights, In through the small village on the road, and my father always me give it to his shoulder, Because the too sidelined child, so I have to be very careful so as not to fall. Now he has to wash the bath, shaved, did not smell, but I still do not want to have any contact with him. Every time he wanted to caress me, I always run away. Whenever he and I spoke loud the sound is always so I’m scared. She cried, the frontier on the lights. So, I had to lay in the dark of the night, listening to next Reese Nordisk secretly bite his slice of bread sound, big people sitting at the kitchen table, talking, sobbing. They always talk about death. Father every morning to go out, came back late at night. Sometimes he would go to his original company to look at, and sometimes some money to get it back or bring back some food. He often Jewish child wandering in the street brought back. They are either getting lost or abandoned. Brought back, he would send them to where he and some other Jews to establish an orphanage. 6, will always be a good girl one day, he brought back a small boy, he a few years older than me. He looks fierce but defiant. I could not help but always looked at him because his fierce hunting and worship him. later years the greatest pleasure, translating poetry, he sacrificed everything even his life. Iskra pounce to the mother, the mother is slowly stood up to meet her, and eyes like dead later switched from his face, trembling all over, the first time off his waist wide belt that soldier beam.”Peep it? Also eavesdrop do? ……Iskra will never forget my mother putting on airs. Her father but the impression. Dad gave her this special name, in her distant childhood disappeared without a trace. The mother took the usual ruthless expression, all the photos into the fire and were all burned.Iskra, your father turned out to a weak man. He also worked as a political commissar of it! “For the mother, the term “political commissar” determines everything. The concept of “political commissar” contains the symbol of her faith, a symbol of the personality and the symbol of her youth. “Weak” with the forever youthful elan nouns opposite, therefore, Iskra despicable weakness even worse than despicable treachery.For speaking iskra, the mother is not just a general example, or even just an example. Mother is her desire to reach the ideal, of course, need a little correction, that is, Iskra very much like their own happiness than the mother.Classmates love Ji Na and Iskra girlfriend. However, if we just love Ji Na, and always will soon be able to forgive her, then everyone would not only , but also to obey her, listen to her. Everyone to obey her, Abraham whole wheat bread in town is very famous, business has been good. German Roma one-year-old and two months when a command is issued to all Jews must do on a yellow star on their clothes. The mother looked at me, suddenly clinging to me. “I should not put your students in a troubled world.” His mother said. 3, it is a trap one day, a stranger standing on our doorstep. Him with a kind of terror, savage and dangerous atmosphere. He did not even have shoes! Dirty, worn clothes, cheeks sag, gray hair, messy beard, black around the eyes deeply sunken, stood overwhelmed. He looked very weak, you may want a piece of bread. Casimir kept roaring, it is also fear of the stranger. I wanted to get the door shut, but at this moment, the mother’s voice came from the kitchen: “Who are the Roma?” Then she ran, and stood behind me, also intends to close. Tuoxi Ya! “The people cried. Mom hold your breath, do not know is scared or hi. Suddenly she was glad to shout slogans. At this time, she was sobbing, and she kept kissing goes dirty face, he also kissed her wildly. How not to imagine the scene, I was this sudden scene petrified. The man in the end want to do to my mother? Finally, he let go of her, bent down and looked at me. The mothers heart only him. She bought a lot of vegetables, and stood for hours in the kitchen. “This renewed vitality.” She said, then filled a plate of food in front of him. This is a majestic big temper of the old man, in addition to their official duties, I immediately got to know each not stupid. Shvabrin man and his conversation is very Celine Bag UK harsh, very funny. his vivid description to describe my fortress commander a figure with his contacts, and I’m destined to the environment. I laughed.

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