I spent in the White Mountains Fort day for me

carrying me away. We sang songs, small birds merrily cried. We sang and schools to sad Celine Handbags songs make people feel completely different. Romon whistling along the way, also taught me how to blow. So I pouted, walking and blowing, trying to blow right sound. “the old lady is not cowardly timid woman. “Maria Ivanovna?” I asked, “with your brave?” Martha brave? “her mother answered,” No! Martha timid She until now afraid of shooting. heard the shooting, the whole body fighting a war two years ago, I named Day, Ivan Kuzmich suddenly whimsical, you want to put a few of our artillery. Marsha, my baby child almost did not scared to death. since we no longer hold the unfortunate cannon. meal from the table stood up, Captain and Captain Mrs. lunch break to go up and I will be on Shvabrin there shared with him one night. fourth chapter duel Well, please! gracefully your posture, see how I sword to your body pierced. few weeks later, I spent in the White Mountains Fort day for me, not only to become can be tolerated, even very pleasant. Commander family treated me like family in general. turned this old couple is the most respected people. Ivan Kuzmich upgrade from the children of soldiers as officers, uneducated rustic, and his integrity and kindness of his command and his wife, which fits his lazy temper Hua Xi Lisha. leaves the Golovin Pavlovna as a public service as a private matter, not hear the early the Bashkirs gall ladder the Kyrgyz people affected by the punishment and do not be afraid, they did not dare to invade if one dares to violate their meal, I have taught, that they never expect to lift a decades also. “” Then you are not afraid of you? “I turned face to captain his wife live in a fortress inside, which are subjected to so much danger it! “habit, my young master!” she replied, “Twenty years ago, the regiment was transferred here. that when, really incredible it!, I am scared to death of those cult! long as lynx fur hat, saw and heard them crying, Mother sobbing. Reminds me of the last time I saw Sabine aunt, her lively, beautiful hair is tied with a flower handkerchief. Bad news after another appeared. Slowly, we learned that the other members of our family. Abraham, grandfather, grandmother, and Irene, died in white Er Zike death camp in gas chambers. Jacobs, the mother’s brother, when he was working for the military factories in the German raids killed. My other grandmother, Maria Lai Boning missing, could not find any news about her. She may have died in a gas chamber. I do not want to believe that I have heard of these facts, with the quilt over my head, as I originally lived in the ghetto. But I can not escape these things. I heard the bad news in fact is just the beginning. Suddenly, Cragg full of people. That is because the Warsaw almost bombed flat. Barely survived a Jewish towns. Able to find an apartment in in Cragg town, is not a very easy thing to do. Mom says we can have an apartment is very lucky. Ella and her fiance, Marion, back to their house. Finally, I finally blowing the whistle loudly thin. Everyone to clap for me, so I am particularly proud of. In those days, I think the world is full of the sun, no darkness and cold. But pretty soon, a terrible thing happened. Then we continued our pleasant trip. After a child, we feel hungry, but also a little tired, he intended to return to the huts. The I Yuanyuandekan see two people came toward the side wearing a raincoat, Tizhexingli. Wearing a hat, although it is sunny. Expression rigid, such as soldiers face. I knew right away they were the police, which means danger. “You are not heat stroke, Roma?” My mother said, “Your face looks very pale.” Them a man came to us, asked rigid attitude: “You are David ? Lai Boning?” Daddy little head. I once again feel the kind of cold, the feeling of fear from the trembling of the hands of mother pair. However, suddenly outside Oreocharis sound, Taji Jana’s husband with come in here, dear reader, this awkward moment, we want to leave our hero for a long time … never left and we followed him in this world the way process; already long enough, now finally arrives at the port to uh, let’s celebrate, rejoice: Is not?, long overdue Hey! forty-nine Hey, my readers, no matter who you are, whether friends or enemies, Oh, the dust of the amnesty Desa, I can even say: “muddy” Odessa, also no grievances it. Each year, five or six weeks, due to the violent Zeus will the Odessa rain near Celine Bag UK Tuo, Man on the dikes, it deeply not into pulpy muddy. All the houses into a Russian ruler, pedestrians on stilts, gingerly, to be able to wade through the middle of the street muddy.

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