I will simply ignore them

because I have to get into the classroom. Since then, my mother every morning so the Romon led Reese Celine Handbags Nordisk and I go to school, Romon is indeed a day and we come out with. But each time had just reached the first corner when the two boys dropped me and ran. I did not run: my leg is like filling a lead weight and heavy. They catch a tram, the blink of an eye, there is no trace of the hold the door. I looked at them, and they want to run, but I never put my thoughts to tell them. So I slowly down the street walked and walked cranky. Usually, when I went to the classroom, the lesson has been on an hour. Nobody found only three people I go to school every day in a very long time, although I was very reluctant to. then carefully covered him with a pink blanket. Romon and Reese Nordisk are laughing at me, but I will simply ignore them. I’m pushing baby carriages ran down the street, and then promote the park. It is September, the weather was overcast and cold outside. But my gut feeling is: the sun was shining and the birds singing, flowers blooming, and everything is so beautiful, because I was with my baby out of a breath of fresh air. I hummed, full of his blanket, staring at his little face. He was quiet sleep, long and thick eyelashes mask he slightly closed, blue eyes. I was sitting on a park bench, like every young mother, he was taken out from the stroller, in his arms. Suddenly a little girl standing in front of me, looked pale and thin, but had a violent temper: “Can I hold your doll?” Intuition told me that some things will happen: I think I’ve seen this thing in front of me move, like a film Romon called moving pictures. “Can not.” The little girl with the threat of eyes staring at me. “Hug!” She straining to pull my sleeves. I did not speak, just Jeske tight to my chest. Her more and more angry, I can not “become increasingly weak. She did not intend to give up the meaning. She was very embarrassed over his wet chest tightly with both hands, as soon as possible lying down on the beach. Sweet half asleep state, she imagined that he did not wear a bathing suit, naked and lying on the shore, so her heart could not help but be tightening a bit, but still not opened his eyes, and the regiment as this fear is not scary . This is another kind of fear, as people want to see one of fear. Her urging her to go out, not because of this fear and panic, but want to take a look at this fear and fear. She fears the decision in her mind is ashamed of the feelings of the name holder As for who can defeat who, economic Na also not sure.To catch the door to door Jun Ji Na rushed back to the room, the first thing is to pull the curtains strict, then began to quickly put clothes chops down casual fling: dressing gowns, shirt, bra, underpants … Parcels there are all sorts of things. When the mother saw the stuff inside, cried happy. Bag a few jars, some of which are very strong sweet milk, the taste is very fragrant; There blob of yellow liquid inside a jar, orange juice, “my father said excitedly. Orange juice? I am facing the open jar and sniffed it, there was a very fresh taste. I sip a small mouth, cool, sweet. I have never tasted something so tasty! Then, my mother handed me a flat circular box, light eyes flashing surprise. “Roma, see her face with a look of longing to say,” This is chocolate. “A strong tremor onslaught over the body. Chocolate! My dream for a long time something! Now I can really taste. Open the lid, I saw the inside of a dark brown, hard stuff. I broke off the next small pieces into his mouth. Very hTextbooks on my desk, doodling in a book, graffiti, break when I put on the coat home. Each of us is crazy, is not school, this is a Jewish gathering place. The mother did not know what had happened. You sick, the Roma? Why you do not want to go to school? “My head down, I can not explain to her why these days I always come back to the very early, and even more do not know I can not stand that school the real reason. “But you have got to go.” Mom said, I am sure for now, she and I have as much pain. She put me back to school, I heard her talk and teacher. She sat there, “teacher with a reproachful tone,” she refused to learn, and also refused to answer questions, his eyes staring at the wall, graffiti on textbooks. “Because that war’s sake , you understand. “Mom sigh breath said. “But we must have unity ……” I can not hear the teacher said something, The idea stung me. No, I’d rather not know anything. If I did not ask them just fine. And Romon, Reese the Nordisk together nice. Sometimes with loud singing fun songs, such as: (Polish) Rosin, Taylor (old German one silver) silver doll, boring canvas lost lost in the war, during the war, not now … Gradually The small group has become an inseparable trio. she just To Grilled pants, pull the elastic band, immediately release the hand strap to her tanned belly mercilessly shells made her wake up. She stood for a moment, etc. Pingping beating heart to calm down, and then slip gingerly and slowly walked to the mother’s large full-length mirror. She was standing on the edge of the abyss adding that close to the mirror, to move forward step by step, the eyes can not look ahead to the front of the mirror before Taiqiyanpi.Cold leaden mirror reflects a tanned girl, eyes wide, exposed guilt curiosity, and sparkling, like two cherries. Everything about her was chocolate brown, only drum left two marks on the breasts and straps are not commensurate with the stature incredibly white, as if the two are part of her body. Economic Na ever first time conscious and looked at his body in the eyes of the beholder, side of self-appreciation, while scared, because she feels that he has matured. However, only mature chest, the hipbone refused to plump up, economic Na angrily with both hands and took a few hip bone. Of the hip bone, she will tolerate After a summer finally muster a little, thus showing the waist. Has legs really make her heartbroken: they like two inverted cone, place the ankle fine disproportionately small calf flat meat, two knees and no round, also like the fifth grade girls as out suddenly. All people watching feel hate, and So Ji Na trepidation suspect nature never refused to help her. All lucky girl basically living in the last century, when they wear dress.Ji Na carefully thrust his chest, as if to weigh in: Well, this part is ripe and full of hope for the future. In other words, she is the future look of the thing – fat chubby, without more ado, flexible. Of course, if you can grow taller is better. Her riding from the toes, stand tall, pretending to look like when finally grow taller, basically expressed satisfaction with their own. “Just wait until the future to see that you take a look around!” She triumphantly thought, and therefore to dance, still heart humming “tired of the sun,” the pop song.The doorbell rang, rang so sudden economic Norway heard they like wandering around in front of the mirror as naked and ran to the door, and later ran back quickly, hurriedly throwing clothes everywhere indiscriminately put on the reversal of the hall, walking and dressing gown buttoned tied.”Who?””I, ah, Ji Na.””Iskra?” Economic Na door hook poke. “Auschwitz” names like took root in the hearts of my heart constantly torment by it. Great people talk about where the concentration camps, desperately hungry to want to describe every horrible detail. Of how people were shot dead, how was hanged, and how their blood vessels are cut, how they bare to be off to the gas chambers; people the corpse how to be hung on the Christmas tree in Auschwitz; how these people are destined to die in dying to finishing their clothes and shoes, children to be sentenced to death standing there, waiting to hold their own shoelaces shoes tied together. They also said that, being whipped back bloody, was beaten, forced to go to a few whips number. They do not allow these people to use their own name as the name, but blue numbers tattooed on them; forced to stand naked in the cold air several hours, fast freeze to death, forced They Celine Bag UK recite a number of other prisoners in their concentration camps, and then dashed to the body and then ice water. ard, but one bite is cracked. Sweet, with bitter taste. It is actually very difficult to eat. One day, we went to visit Man Niula.”Forgive me,” the woman sobbed, “I beg you to forgive me.” In one day during recess time, I summoned the courage to Zhan Nina asked something on that pale woman. Zhan Nina’s face immediately became dark. “She said she was my mother,” she spoke angrily and clenched fist, “but that she was lying, I grew up in a farm of a peasant family in Poland. They are my parents! End of the war After this strange woman suddenly appeared, and said that she is my mother and she looks awful, she does not even have hair. she wanted to take me away, I kept crying and screaming, but my parents or do not want me. them I sold her, really I also saw this woman to give them money, which is what I can not escape, can not go home because they sold! “Zhan Nina began kept sobbing; I stood there, shocked. My parents do not understand how to be able to sell their own children. But now I finally understand why Zhan Nina do not Nike Blazers UK want to have anything to do with the woman. Then I suddenly remembered my dad, I think of the time when he had just come back, how much I do not want to deny him. The woman said can not be true? She will not really is Zhan Nina’s mother?

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