Matters Needing Attention when Operating Roller Crusher


1) Intensify the deironing work in the ore feeding process. If the materials that cannot be crushed fall into the rollers, the crushing machine may be damaged, for this reason, before crushing, deironing device should be equipped.
2) Sticky materials are easy to block the crushing chamber, and if the machine is blocked, it should be handled after it is stopped.
3) If there are many bulk materials that are to be crushed, the workers should pay attention that the big rocks may be squeezed out from the crushing chamber and should be careful and not to be harmed.
4) After the double-roll crusher runs for a long period of time, there may be serious abrasion on the roller surface, and then the product granularity may become over too fine, for this reason, the ore discharging mouth should be adjusted or the machine should be examined or repaired.
5) Intensify the examination on the double-roll crushing machine, and the lubricating part of the equipment should be added with oil on time in order to keep the equipment in good lubricating condition. 

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