Specific Performance of High Frequency Screen


1. Sieve machine is designed of the new principle and is a new kind of efficient vibration screening machinery with new structure. It is commonly adopts nylon or stainless steel sieve.
2. Exciter is driven by the drive mechanism and drives the screen surface do high-frequency vibration. The machine is support by a damping device, so that the ground does not bear the basic dynamic load. The screen machine does not require based equipment; it can directly install on a solid, flat ground or ordinary steel platform. Then it can work properly.
3. The vibration frequency of the sieve surface is 50Hz, and the amplitude is 0 to 2 mm. The vibration strength is 8 to 10 times than the acceleration of gravity and 2 to 3 times than the vibration strength of general mechanical vibration sieve. The Vibrating screen has the advantages of high screening efficiency and large processing capacity. It is particularly suitable for screening the particulate powder material. The graded particle size is 0.074 to 1 mm.
4. The screen surface is composed by three different flexible meshes. The polyurethane network play as the support network, double stainless steel wire braided composite net with different wire diameter and mesh are located on polyurethane network. The upper layer of composite work is working net; it is directly contact with material to process the screening work. The lower layer is bottom net; it is used for dispersing the force and transmitting the vibration to ensure high screening efficiency and extend the service life of the working net. The pothooks on the both side of the screen are convenient to load and unload the screen and adjust the tension. The feeding buffer sieve evenly disperses the ore pulp to avoid directly damage the screen.
5. The installation angle of sieve machine is adjustable and convenient. Generally, the installation angle of wet sieve machine is 25 ± 2 °. You can adjust the inclination angle of drying surface according to the particle size of needed mineral. When the inclination angle is nearly 55 °, the mineral grain fineness can up to 300 meshes and the screening efficiency can up to 75 percent.
6. The vibration parameters of the screen machine are controlled by a computer, the vibration parameters of each vibrator can be adjusted individually. high frequency screen has the instantaneous strong vibration function. With the help of instantaneous strong vibration function, we can clean the screen surface to prevent the clogging phenomenon of the high-frequency screen.
7. The vibration transmission system is linked with the flexible elastic material. The work is reliable; sieve machine is a kind of energy-saving product. The power of single exciter is 0.15kW. The dressing plant commonly use 2420-type electromagnetic high frequency screen, the whole power consumption will no more than 1.2kW / station.
8. The side panel of the screen box is crookedly formed with the entire steel sheet, which not only enhance the overall stiffness and reliability of the screening machine but also make its appearance more attractive.
9. Screen machine can be configured according to the different needs of customers with different types of control cabinet to achieve parameter setting, remote centralized control, historical record and failure alarm and a variety of additional features.

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