The concept of online selling and bidding really went revolution because of E-Bay

This division could be shown in the different market interest of countries. These differences could be attributed to culture, language, religion, beliefs, customs, and even distance. Some products which are popular in the European area might not be a hit to other parts of Asia. Instead of reaching a worldwide market, the products only reach the interested market.

The next pitfall would be the work needed in order to process the materials coming from other countries. This involves the taxes as well as the shipping costs. Some countries have absurd international rules meaning that if you bought something online from Switzerland and you live in Singapore, the shipping rate as well as the taxes charged could worth more than the item itself. This is one of the worries of potential customers because they do not like the high rates included when ordering directly from E-Bay. Despite the original intent of convenience of E-Bay, many people are not willing to risks their credit cards in charging that kind of amount.

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