To Adapt to the Big Changing of Mining Management

1. Making the use of information technology to enhance the automation, information and intelligence level of ball mill production; applying high technology to improve product quality, and promote the integration of information technology and industrialization.

2. Relying on national major science and technology projects, breaking down the factors restricting the development of milling industry. Develop core technologies, key technologies and key equipment to enhance the international competitiveness of ball mill; develop low-carbon green technology which is characterized of energy-saving, water saving, material saving, efficient, environmentally friendly and low consumption.

Along with the country”s industrial structural adjustment, ball mill industry which is major in producing the sand maker such as hammer crusher and cone crusher only keep up with the times can they adapt to the development trend, then what should the ball mill industry do with structural adjustment? Hongxing Machinery”s experts give their advice.

Henan Hongxing is a professional ball mill manufacturer, it has been committed to the design and development of ball mill for many years, and put a variety of milling machines in market, not only solve the market demand, its perfect performance also promote the development of entire mill industry.

3. Develop high value-added products which is in line with the policy and market demand, provide efficient equipment and production lines to meet the needs of users;

4. Accelerate the development of high-tech clusters to support the emerging industries in new energy, new materials, new technologies, energy saving and environmental protection field; accelerate the development of modern service industry.


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