torture us? If I could like Romon

They also described how dogs body to tear those prisoners, hunger and cold so that they almost Celine Bag lost consciousness. Them over and over again to repeat the very specific, very precise the repeated daily details of life in the concentration camps: Tibetan bread where the best place; the shoes stolen how to do; tingling fingers to the cheek coated with the blood of their own apparently healthy; how to drink his own urine, and use it to wash the sort of thing to deal with the good and bad is likely to decide the life and death. Rigid whispering sounds even anger. They just state the fact that they experienced, experienced outcome. One hour followed by one hour a night, followed by a night, month after month, constantly repeating these stories. I almost can not stand it. Why endless it? Why they want to again and again to torture yourself, torture us? If I could like Romon shout slogans shouted it, or like a small Reese Nordisk undisturbed whirring sleep, he can very easily accept all heard, because he had experienced . But I can not shouting, they will not let me loud; I have neatly, keep quiet subdivision lying in bed, listening to their stories. I have to do to be a good girl. I’ve always been a good girl, never had to be a good girl. Although our home in the evening full of madness, but during the day, these big people strive to exhibit all look normal. Food at home more and not have enough to eat, but now at home without a bag marked “UNRRA” (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration). One day, my father really get it back a few letters bag bag rare things for himself, he is particularly proud.As soon as we have time, would sneak out to the street, looking for thrills. The big people ignorant of the bad things we do, because every time we go out are when they do not pay attention. Romon’s most skilful trick, that is, the firecrackers thrown the door to others, then we see them frightened look. They thought it was a bomb. 10, burdensome only these crazy prank before I found a insider “I know the” insider “is after you give him jewelry or money, you can help your people. They are like a silly child is in playing. Romon also feel very happy. In the creek, we do a small tunnel, put bark boat into the tunnel where the creek. Sometimes Dad would also take the handle to help us. “If I had known you, I immediately opened the door, I thought it was ……””Sa Shika leave school.””How to leave?””Dropped out, you know, he only mom to work to earn money now to pay the tuition fees for school, so he dropped out.””This big bad!” Ji Na sadly sighed and remain silent.Do not look at economic Na almost to a year older, but a little scared Iskra. Her very, and also appropriate to listen to her, but always a little afraid of her resolute sense of vigor, The Iskra always as firmly both on his own behalf and economic Na, but also for all she considers necessary she is doing to solve all problems.Iskra mother still wearing have worn the special task force leather jacket, a pair of high boots, waist Le wide belt, this belt can people pits left a tract pain burning red marks. These red marks on his body, Iskra never told anyone, because of the disgrace to suffer even worse than the flesh, but also because she was the only one who knows: her stern, irascible, indomitable mother is very unfortunate, in fact, is the one unaccompanied female into. Iskra pity her, but also very much loved by her.Mother is very unfortunate and very lonely, this terrible situation Iskra found only three years ago, and is still occasionally found. Once she awakens to hear the waves kept as low as possible to wail, crying mingled with a moan. The room was dark, only a light through to her bed separated from the cabinet behind. Iskra out of bed, quietly look yonder, immediately Zhengzhu. She saw on the table lamp lit, the above to cover ordinary piece of newspaper, and my mother sitting at the table, hunched over, hands on your head, unable to shake the body.”Mom, what happened? How do you a good mother?” this out of the dressing room, as if Venus appears in the world! Do you see this goddess to wear a men’s elegant came masquerade. Twenty-six curious, reader, I would like the latest fashion “Forty-eight she walked away. Evgeny stood like a clap of thunder shock him stay in his heart, is a kind of emotional turmoil, what thought, how sad! “I immediately see it he is the son of my brother. Tuoxi Ya, he can stand in front of you it is not easy. almost from the slums, he dragged out of his was stolen in the ghetto must have gone through terrible things, but he is still alive! “a small Reese Nordisk and I can now and Romon, a bed to sleep. In the yard, he told us about the many eerie and exciting story. I often hear the large people talk about those things. I can not forget these things, even if I secretly hiding under the bed, his hand over his ear, or with a blanket over my head. For our children is almost no place to hide, they do not scruple to our feelings. Witnesses experienced forced us to do the listeners. Outside after dark, those people began to talk about what they experienced: death, unimaginable brutality, incredible tortured all any human can be applied to other similar, and their victims can withstand The kind of pain. At this point we can continue to go to lament, to Celine Luggage Tote sentimental, you can enjoy to complain, to give vent. After this stage, the survival of the people to calm down, forever to calm down. And future generations of our offspring

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