Ball Mill Makes Pulverized Coal Become Reality

Along with the rapid economic development in our country, much of the waste of resources caused the relative resources shortage, which of course put forward higher request to ball mill equipment. The main task of ball mill is processing the ore and raw materials for the coal, steel, non-ferrous metal, chemical industry, building materials, and other industries.

In the power plant, the system powder system is one of the most important system. Mainly is to the provisions of the pulverized coal fine degree and water make boiler need pulverized coal. In milling process, the energy saving ball mill pulverizing system is the main equipment. Zhengzhou hongxing heavy industry energy saving ball mill are sold to many power enterprises, for the power plant system powder and to take off the sulphur effective flour.

Energy saving ball mill pulverizing system directly affects the safe and economic operation of the power plant operation of the economy and safety. How to effectively control energy saving ball mill pulverizing system. Need to pay attention to the following three aspects.

1, guarantee in the ball mill coal storage close to the best coal storage, the theoretical analysis and practice indicate that the ball mill energy consumption and production of powder amount how many basic has nothing to do, to made as much as possible in the ball mill coal, coal storage should be as close to the best coal storage, which is to improve the system powder system efficient key. The ball mill coal storage is generally by adjusting the coal to control.

2, in order to improve the dry ball mill output, should try to improve the desiccant temperature, but in order to prevent the ball mill send out of coal powder explosion, and shall ensure that ball mill outlet temperature does not exceed rated value. Therefore, to the ball mill outlet temperature control, usually by adjusting the air door opening to control.

3, to ensure the best ball mill ventilator, make good pulverized coal grinding with ventilation pipeline to the pulverized coal bunker, and prevent the system from pulverized coal leakage and need to control the ball mill entrance negative pressure, which is generally by adjusting the recirculation damper opening degree to control.

Zhengzhou hongxing heavy industry energy saving ball mill is my company after years of intensive research and development of a new efficient fine powder and ultrafine powder processing equipment, mainly is suitable for the low hardnesswater containing less than 8% of the amount of non flammable and explosive of brittle material. The design conforms to the German superfine packing grade mineral processing to ask, optimization of the length to diameter ratio, prevent excessive grinding, to achieve the best grinding effect.

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