Domestic Cement Ball Mill Insists on Energy Conservation

In the operation of cement ball mill, the stop can cause a large temperature difference on the mill body, resulting in significant thermal stress and thermal deformation, and sometimes even cause mechanical damage of the ball mill, such as the geometric deformation of the liner. Starting the thermal deformation after the stop grinding can produce a certain penetration force, to form the current ripple and its own vibration in the operation; in addition, the heat of cement ball mill transforms to the main bearing can increase the temperature of main bearing.

Recently, our country Midwest suffered heavy fog haze weather, the serious influence people travel and body health. According to the latest report, the world ten largest air pollution city China should account for seven. China environmental protection department issued an emergency notice, for production, high pollution enterprise warned that we need to pay special attention to the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution.

Especially in cement industry, although our country is cement production power, but not cement production power. Although our country cement production continuous on top of the world, but compared to some European countries, China cement production in the process of production, high pollution situation is still serious. Can say, the future of the cement industry energy conservation and emissions reduction task is urgent. In the cement production process, cement mill is will be one of the equipment. The past cement ball mill noise, pollution is serious, in the hundreds of meters away can hear the sound of thunder machine operation, discharge process often with a lot of dust, the local air quality caused serious pollution. Hxjq heavy industry cement mill draw lessons from foreign advanced technology, a large number of engineers in the elaborate efforts, developed a new generation of cement mill, this ball mill grinding media have according to the product requirements reasonable matching, high fill rate, high efficiency; And classifier forms a closed system, negative pressure delivery, no dust etc.

Urban air quality with the car tail gas emissions will increase, the emergence of enterprise and increasingly severe. How to starts from oneself, we need everyone participation. Enterprise itself also should undertake the social responsibility, draw lessons from domestic and international advanced technology, improvement of science and technology innovation, for the sustainable development of society and make due obligations.

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