Five Points for Attention in Sand Maker Operation

Sand maker is our patent products developed for abrasive materials, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, cements, pottery and porcelain and chemical industries. It is the up-to-date equipments in 1990s on medium and fine crushing, which applies to various materials, such as: Corundum, Carborundum, all kinds of smelting ores, building gravel, machine-made sand, cement material, and all of rigid and fragile material.

Correct operation will maker sand maker work more efficiently. There are five points for attention in operating:

1. Read the instructions first before operating;

2. Use qualified electric supply;

3. Make sure that there has no any stuff in the machine in operating;

4. Cut off the electric supply when it is blackout;

5. Regular maintenance is necessary.

With the continuous upgrading of the sand maker, the industrial competition is not just the price competition, but the quality and service competition. the other name of sand maker is impact crusher. The river pebble sand making machine produced by our company has strong market competitiveness. Through our efforts, we believe that our sand maker will present its personality, show our strength characteristics and occupy the marker in the future.Hongxing always provides one hundred percent products to its customers. We believe that we can occupy a dominant position in the fierce competition as long as we can do better.In addition, limitations of raw materials of artificial sand and other synthetic materials must be seriously faced by the manufacturing industry and construction enterprises. With the perfection sand making manufacturing technology, the cost of artificial sand will not be much higher than the natural sand any longer, which is one of the reasons for the flourish of sand production line.

The artificial sand stone is made of the leftovers that are left when mining or the deserted limestone in the cement tailings ,or construction waste,coal gangue,steel slag and other industry solid waste with the help of sand maker and crusher,which only reaches the size requirements of the dry powder mortar production. It can not only take advantages of the waste,but also lessen the environment pollution,which accords with the concepts of the developing recyling economic.

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