Armored furniture of XXI century

Konsmetal products also specialized types of safes. For a security of home treasures can take care furniture safes deposit safes or furniture safes. Security doors are best elements not only in office but also at home. Website is perfect place to familiarize with types of securities. After reading this site you can be sure you home is safe.

Specialy for departments and accountant offices Konsmetal gathered in their offers metal cabinets, flatfile cabinets and metal furniture. This is the best way to care about security of office workplace. Any kind of thief will be stopped by our system definitely.

In nowadays dangerous for unsecured belongings it is worth to have any type of safes or high caliber strongboxes. For office which contains valuable small and middle-sized items are recommended office safes. Safe inspite of its endurance shouldnt be left without any kind of supervision. Perfect for this are antyburglary doors. Office secured like this doesn’t have to fear anybody. Even if thief will be determinated to make a tunnel to pass the door, impenetrable and very heavy safe will stay on his way.

Beside of sale complete armored furniture Konsmetal Poltrezor company provides sale key locks. Every of those mensioned products has a licence from Ministerstwo Spraw Wewnętrznych i Administracji what determines the highest level of provided services. If you are looking for knowledge concerning property’s protection by using armored furnitures, is the best place which you should visit.

To reach to every our client and to meet every his will is a Konsmetal Poltrezor’s goal, the company proposes also special stuff like gun cabinets, multisafes, gun safes and depository boxes. Additionaly in the midst of ways of belonging’s insurance you can find also high quality piece of furniture like strongroom, strongroom doors and modular strongrooms.

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