Hongxing Analyzes Crushing Equipment Types

As is well known that, China is rich in the clay mine minerals , Refractory clay is widely distributed in our country, often closely associated with the coal-bearing strata, such as complex state, Liaoning Bay, Manchurian ash, Henan Jiaozuo, Zibo, Shandong, Shanxi, Taiyuan and other places are famous for producing.

Mining equipment in our country increasingly development today, the competition between the enterprises, and has created a multitude of homogeneity among enterprises occupy the opportunity, should not only have excellent quality, good services, and be familiar with the nature of each device and the process is the key. Hxjq heavy guangdong offices close analysis of the type of crusher can help the customers choose their ideal equipment required.

Industry in the first and most commonly used coarse crusher, jaw crusher, jaw crusher work, motor through a belt pulley eccentric shaft rotates, the moving jaw cycle to close, leave the fixed jaw, thereby to material extrusion, rolling, grinding and other multiple broken, make material from large to small, gradually whereabouts until discharge through the discharge port.

finely homework of discharging granularity uniformity generally higher than coarse crushing homework requirements, therefore, at the bottom of the crushing cavity shall set up a parallel region, at the same time, still must speed up the cycle of crushing cone, so that the material is extruded by more than one in the parallel zone. The discharging mouth of the cone crusher is small, with feeding are more likely to cause the broken in the accident, and because of the strict in discharging granularity, finely homework, must be timely adjust the discharging mouth after plate wear, so the insurance and the adjustment device of the cone crusher more necessary than the coarse crushing assignments. Cone crusher is the same as spinning back crusher, but applies only to the broken broken machinery or finely homework. Cone crusher, spring cone crusher, symons cone crusher and single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and other crusher equipment.

impact crusher and hammer crusher, meanwhile, continues to develop, especially counterattack crusher broken than larger, and can more fully utilize the entire rotor high-speed impact energy. But as a result of plate hammer easy to wear and tear, it is in hard materials crushing applications is restricted, is usually used for coarse crushing, crushing or finely limestone, coal, calcium carbide, quartz, dolomite, sulfide ore, gypsum and chemical raw materials in the following hard brittle materials.

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