Ball Mill can Realize the Low Energy Consumption

Industrial ball mills are much larger than the other types of ball mills. They vary in size from approximately the size of a refrigerator to approximately the size of a bus. They are always horizontal. What distinguishes the industrial ball mill (besides its large size) is that they have multiple chambers and have a forced-air system constantly moving material through the rotating drum. The different chambers are separated by screens of progressively smaller mesh. The chambers contain balls of progressively smaller size. The size of the balls and the screen mesh keeps the balls in their own chamber. Material is forced from one chamber to the next as it is ground small enough to fit through the mesh screens.

Common Cement ball mill : common cement ball mill is most applied in the circle flow grinding systerm ,and its characteristics are high grinding efficiency , high output , low power consumption . When grinding the slag cement , it more stands out . Usually the output of the mill can increase 15-20% , and the electricity consumption will decrease about 10% . Besides , the temperature of the final product can lower down 20-40 degree . Also , the size can be easily adjusted . As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as vibratory feeder, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

High finess high output cement ball mill : high finess high output cement ball mill is mainly used in the open flow grinding mill systerm . Its characteristics are simple systerm equipment and technological process , low invest , low plant floor aera .It adopts advanced inner powder classifying special chamber device in the structure , and the fine grinding chamber increases the activating device . The mill end has special discharge grate , which furthest minishes the grinding medium size and greatly improve the grinding efficiency to reach the goal of high output and low energy consumption .

That is to say, ore dressing industry will make a breakthrough in individual unit. Among mining machines, ball mill is a machine between crusher and Raymond mill. If there is any improvement and breakthrough in the whole ore dressing line, the future development tendency will be greatly affected. Nowadays, each workmanship and production level of ball mill is almost mature. If you would like to have any improvement in ball mill, the only way to do is to carry out R&D and production in the accessories of ball mill.

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