Heart to help voyage

Haitao struggle the sailors face of the sudden storm, Mulberry outlet face the front of the blurred sea, the weak Gan death to lead the strong wind dominate. Perhaps the face of the uncertain, the safe harbor is close at hand.
The courage of the heart can double the force, although iffy blackout full of despair, fear, but set off behind it even if the dream wonderland. Forrest Gump in the movie “Forrest Gump”, the long-lost catch a shrimp suddenly suffered a heavy rain, a burst of panic and confusion, Forrest Gump boat only survived, and since then became a typhoon. Forrest Gump shrimp caught more and more, the final circle of friends dreamed of becoming a millionaire. TV series “Soldiers Sortie” Sando rely on tenacity and persistence to complete the goals of the others can not match. They are not the so-called highly intelligent, even being ridiculed, despised, they are fictional characters in the drama it represents the face of the weight of life, still laughing all the distant state of mind. Quitting brave victory in the battlefield enemy confrontation, perhaps you and I set one of them will fall, but the first casualty is not; maybe you and Cheapmulberrybags, and my understanding is less than others, but stand to last a certain That was me.
You never know how strong their mentality, {owdjf}@#5446w like a potential infinite forever inscrutable. The face of defeat and the fight against, how many people to despair and ultimately of no return-oriented pressure and sad how many people fall down never get behind the success of the gold medal on behalf of, how many people understand that the athletes, the rooster, sweat or even pain, and hardships of success even in a ring and he missed. Strong mentality can often build on the miracle, beyond the limits of human, so they are both heroes.
In the face of the college entrance examination, countless people into the examination room the moment they despair, and ultimately play a disorder, and how many people calm at all surprised Super level play. The third year, the timing of hard work and worry intertwined; third year, the timing is full of hope and full of ups and downs, everyone is on the run, all are likely to fall, and this with a fall but just let generations become more mature at the time, Mulberry handbags have a powerful mind in the future journey, stand in the world, is committed to move forward.
Heart luck, a great sport.

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